Ben Affleck’s reaction to fan who tried to say hello divides opinion

Video footage shared on TikTok showing Ben Affleck appearing to ignore a fan saying ‘hello’ to him has gone viral, sparking a debate over how celebrities are supposed to respond to fans who approach them in public. Watch the awkward interaction here:

The images, shared by Jaime Núñez, (@ nunezj182) appear to be a screen recording of someone else’s Instagram story. The onscreen caption read, “A good friend of mine saw Ben Affleck when he passed by. He said hello but Ben ignored him. “

In the clip, Affleck can be seen walking up the escalator, dressed casually and wearing a baseball cap with no entourage in sight. As he gets closer, he begins to look at his surroundings and seems to sketch a brief smile, apparently doing his best not to look directly into the camera which is pointed directly at him.

The fan can be heard waving to Affleck as he walks past, but the actor is absolutely not selling the encounter. It’s unclear if he can’t hear or just doesn’t want to recognize the fan, but as he reaches the top of the escalator, he walks directly without giving the fan a second kick. eye.

Núñez captioned the TikTok, “He might sound like a jerk, but celebrities do it because they don’t want to attract attention. “

Credit: TikTok / @ nunezj182

Since posting to TikTok, the clip has received over 685,000 views and sparked debate in the comments section as people come to Affleck’s aid to point out some of the struggles of being such a high-profile celebrity.

“Seriously? About 400 people a day probably say hello to him. He probably can’t even keep track of his thoughts, ”one user commented.

Another said, “It happens to him 1,000 times a day. He must get old.

Someone else wrote: “He minds his own business … celebrities are not zoo animals.” Let them do it. Saw 3 irl celebrities and never bothered them or said anything. ”

However, others were more critical of the meeting and criticized the actor for not being empathetic enough.

“Fame comes at a price just by saying to be humble and kind to the fans,” one person said, while someone else commented, “Be humble Ben. Your fans are the ones who pay you. “

Ben Affleck made a recent appearance with Jennifer Lopez. Credit: PA
Ben Affleck made a recent appearance with Jennifer Lopez. Credit: PA

Others shared stories of positive interactions they have heard or experienced firsthand about Affleck.

One person wrote: “Her husband worked at Bellagio for years. Ben has always been very kind and an amazing dumpster.

“I met Ben in Vegas in 2002 at the Mirage Sportsbook… coolest guy ever… he and I talked about baseball for 10 minutes and then we shook my hand,” recalls another person. .

Overall, whether you’re pro or anti-Affleck, it’s important to remember that celebrities are people too, and you probably shouldn’t take it too personally if they ignore you in public.

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