Ben Affleck says it’s possible George Clooney’s Batman will return in the Flash

While Spider-man fans have uncovered all the secrets of Marvel’s multiversal crossover movie, DC is gearing up for their own big screen superhero collaboration next year Flash. While we already know that Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will both don the Batsuit in the multiverse movie, Affleck has now darkened the waters a bit more by suggesting that Batman actor George Clooney could possibly be in the movie, though. ‘he saw no evidence of this. So, is it possible that Warner Bros. or the mother of all surprise returns?

George Clooney was the last actor to play Batman in the motion picture series of films which began with Michael Keaton wearing the Dark Knight to the screens in the film directed by Tim Burton. Batman and Batman Returns. Val Kilmer took over the role of Batman forever, to then be replaced by Clooney in Batman and robin, which many believe nearly killed the Batman franchise after it became a series of bright, sparkling puns and very tame action sequences very loosely linked. After the 1997 release, Batman wouldn’t return to the big screen until Chris Nolan redefined the character in Batman commence in 2005 and relaunched the character for another boost. VIDEO OF THE DAY

Since then we’ve seen Ben Affleck take on the iconic role in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, an interpretation of the character that has divided some fans. This was especially the case when it was announced that his solo Batman film project had been scrapped in favor of Robert Pattinson’s. The Batman, who will become the latest actor to appear as the Caped Crusader on the big screen in the recently listed IMDb movie as the Most Anticipated Movie of 2022. So with Batman currently on a wave of popularity, Warner Bros. Would really like to remind fans of Dark Knight’s Darkest Hour by bringing Clooney back for a cameo?

Affleck raised the possibility that another Batman is hiding behind the scenes to Flash when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and direct. When the subject of his appearance in the film was brought up, Affleck suggested that while he did not believe that George Clooney would appear in the film, had the filming been done in secret it was entirely possible, as he did not. see Michael Keaton on set at all. Affleck said:

“He would definitely blow him up. That’s why I can tell you now, I don’t believe it is [in the movie]. If he is, he didn’t tell me, so maybe he thinks I would blow him up. It’s possible. He can be very reserved. As far as I know he didn’t want to go back to that height of hood ears, but I don’t believe he’s in The Flash. But I haven’t even seen Michael Keaton. ”

While fans will continue to theorize until the time of the film’s release next year, it seems unlikely that any other Batman stars will feature in the storyline, which seems to focus on Flash causing the death of at least one of the two versions of Batman known to appear in the film. Since Affleck hasn’t worked with Keaton directly on set, chances are they won’t be seen sharing screen time in the film. While it’s a fun twist to see more versions of Batman appear together, perhaps two end-of-book iterations of the Dark Knight will be more than enough to bring a DC multiverse story to life.

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Ben Affleck says it’s possible George Clooney’s Batman will return in the Flash