Ben Affleck responds after Ridley Scott blames millennials, phones for latest duel flop

The last duel – which stars Affleck alongside Matt Damon, Adam Driver and Jodie Comer and follows the conflict between two squires in medieval France after one of them violently assaulted the other’s wife – was not a hit with moviegoers.

Scott previously blamed the film’s poor reception on millennial audiences and their smartphones.

Ben Affleck in The Last Duel. Credit: Alamy

Speaking about Marc Maron WTF podcast, Scott said, “What we have today… the audience that was raised on those fucking cell phones.

“Millennials never want to learn anything unless you tell you over the phone. ”

Now Affleck has weighed in on the situation, he told The Hollywood Reporter that there was a chance Scott was “slightly misquoted” in regards to the remarks and then gave his opinion on why the film was being made. did not work very well.

Moving away from millennials and phones, Affleck believes that the film’s limited success is due to the evolution of the film industry and insists that it is a “good movie”.

He explained, “Really, the truth is, I’ve had films that didn’t work that bombed, that weren’t good.

“It’s very easy to understand this and why it happened. The movie is crap, people don’t want to see it, do they?

” This film, The last duel, I really like. It’s good and it’s playing – I’ve seen it play with the audience and now it’s streaming well.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

“It wasn’t one of those movies where you say, ‘Oh my God, I wish my movie worked.’

“Instead, it’s more due to a seismic change that I’m seeing, and I’m having this conversation with every person I know. “

He went on to say that now the kind of people who want to see “complicated, adult, non-IP dramas” are the same who also don’t feel like going to the movies and would rather “take a break, go. in the bathroom, finish it tomorrow ”.

At the same time, Affleck says that the fact that we can now watch “good quality” home movies on large TV screens with surround sound means fewer people will be going to the movies.

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Ben Affleck responds after Ridley Scott blames millennials, phones for latest duel flop