Ben Affleck knows how to wear the leather jacket and not be old

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  • If there is something that will transcend the courtship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, it is the number of photos loaded with style that the Bennifer affair has left us.
  • Like Ben Affleck, you should know that there are some style tricks to dressing properly after 40.
  • And if the actor’s jacket is what catches your eye the most, why not try taking a look at all these mid-season jackets?

    We are in a position to affirm that the leather jacket is one of the most iconic garments on the big screen. Perhaps its fame is due to its connection with rock groups or with that biker aesthetic that makes it a rebellious garment. Be that as it may, this jacket has a certain magnetism. Marlon Brando, Robert Redford, James Dean … there was no Hollywood star who could resist the charms of a jacket biker. Well, the spell continues through the new stylish men of cinema, such as Brad Pitt, Sam Heughan or himself. Ben affleck, who have been in charge of giving a more modern twist to this basic wardrobe. Because yes, having a leather ‘jacket’ is as essential as a white t-shirt, but from a certain age you have to pay special attention to how to combine it, since you can fall into the unwanted look old man come. And Ben Affleck, a man with a discreet style, is aware of it. That is why he has decided to teach us a lesson about how to wear the classy leather jacket.

    celebrity sightings in los angeles may 22, 2021

    BG004 / Bauer-GriffinGetty Images

    The first and perhaps most important step is choosing the right jacket. There are multiple designs, materials and colors in which you can get yours, so we recommend that you follow in Affleck’s footsteps and opt for a biker style with a round neck, in worn leather and without too many zippers. This way, it will appear that you have a quality vintage garment, and not that you have stolen it from your teenage tiktoker nephew.

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    The next step is to opt for basic garments and in sober colors for the rest of the outfit. We like the choice of Ben Affleck with the black t-shirt and gray jeans, important without rips or rips, and white sneakers with green details. In fact, if you are looking for a replacement for your everyday sneakers, some in this color combination are very trendy. Just look at the Stan Smith from Adidas or the New Balance 327 from Casablanca. Wait, don’t you have a leather jacket like Affleck’s yet? Then let us propose the perfect garments to get one and know how to combine it like a movie star.

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