Ben Affleck couldn’t believe his daughters’ reaction to meeting Taylor Swift

It doesn’t matter if your dad is Batman and you know dozens of celebrities in Hollywood since baby for being the daughter of Ben Affleck, or if your mother is Jennifer Garner and she starred 13 Going on 30, a chick film that does not go out of style; When you admire someone, there are times when you freeze. The same thing happened to Violet Y Seraphina, the daughters of both actors, when dad took them to meet Taylor Swift.


Ben told the funny anecdote during his visit to The Kelly Clarkson Show, where he went with Daniel Ranieri Y Tye sheridan to promote the tape The Tender Bar. It was there that the talk he had with his castmates and his interviewer led them to how children sometimes go speechless in front of other celebrities.

“They were quiet,” Ben said of the day his daughters stood in front of Taylor Swift, mimicking the gesture he saw on the girls.

Ben Affleck©The Kelly Clarkson Show

“I was like, ‘What are you talking about? We came here. It’s Taylor Swift. Say something, ‘”he added with a laugh. But not even with Dad’s insistence the girls paid attention. For Ben, the situation made him look like “a liar”, because he could not check with the interpreter of All too Well that the 16 and 12 year old girls were among his biggest fans.

Ben Affleck, in search of being the best father

The actor’s personal life has had ups and downs that he usually talks about in his interviews. In one of his recent talks, which caused a lot of controversy, he commented that he felt trapped in his marriage to Jennifer Garner, and in an attempt not to be an absent figure in the lives of his children with the actress, he stayed at home, only to later realize that he had a problem with alcoholism.

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Days later, he assured that his statements were misinterpreted, since it was not his relationship with Garner that led him to seek the drink. What he did stand firm on was the decision to be a better person for the sake of his children. Currently the actor is in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez, who was his fiancée 17 years ago. Their reunion took the whole world by surprise not only because of the unexpected, but because they both seemed to have left their love story behind. At present, the couple seems happy, so much so that rumors of a new engagement have not been long in coming.

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Ben Affleck couldn’t believe his daughters’ reaction to meeting Taylor Swift