Before Daniel Craig, Henry Cavill was the favorite to be James Bond

Martin Campbella New Zealand film and television producer, revealed that henry cavill was one of the main contenders to give life to James Bond in the 2000s, but the role eventually fell into the hands of Daniel Craig.

Director of Royal Casino ensured that the interpreter of Superman not only did he audition, but he was one of the main contenders to get the role in the movie of the Agent 007.

In statements collected by TMZ, the filmmaker mentions: “He looked great at the audition. His performance was tremendous. And he looks, if Daniel didn’t exist, Henry would have made an excellent Bond. He was in excellent physical shape, very handsome, very chiseled. He just looked a bit young at the time.”

Henry Cavill was one of the main contenders to play James Bond. Cavill himself did not close the doors to play the role in the coming years. Photo: Clay Enos

Unfortunately for Henry Cavill, he appeared Daniel Craig and he stayed with the role for more than a decade, although neither the film director nor the actor ruled out that he could take the role in the next productions of James Bond.

Among the names that sounded in recent months are Idris Elbe and Aaron Taylor-Johnsonbut the one that is most exciting is that of Henry, who could assume the role for which he auditioned years ago.

“Henry is 40 years old, so when he finishes the third he will be 50 years old and anything beyond that is two, three years for Bond. He’s in good shape, Henry, he’s a good guy,” Campbell added.

Before Daniel Craig, Henry Cavill was the favorite to be James Bond - henry_cavill_stephenie_meyer_twilight_edward_cullen
Henry Cavill could also star Twilight, as the writer Stephanie Meyer set her eyes on him. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Henry Cavill is one of the most recognized actors of the time, because in addition to Superman He also gave life to Sherlock Holmes and Geralt de Rivia, the latter the star of The Witcher.

The search for a new James Bond has been in the works for months, but the producers and filmmakers of the new agent 007 stories are still looking for the ideal actor to put themselves in the shoes of the most important spy in the United Kingdom.

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Before Daniel Craig, Henry Cavill was the favorite to be James Bond