Batman: Josh Brolin talks about his version abandoned by Zack Snyder (in favor of Ben Affleck)

Josh Brolin could have played Batman for Zack Snyder, who ultimately preferred Ben Affleck. And the superhero would have been very different, according to the Dune actor.

Since its theatrical release, The Batman by Matt Reeves has almost everyone in agreement, the rereading of the Dark Knight of Gotham by the director of Cloverfield and Planet of the Apes: Supremacy quietly continuing its run at the global box office. A new version radically different from that signed Zack Snyder within the DCEU, where the hero was embodied by Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman and in Justice League – knowing that the actor will come back in The Flash.

But yet, long before Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck, Zack Snyder had another actor in mind to embody the Dark Knight: Josh Brolin. The actor of dune has already mentioned this missed opportunity several times. But as the curiosity remains there, he returned to the subject in an interview.

Ben Affleck taking a look at his predecessor’s resume

The actor of No Country for Old Menwho lent his body and voice to Thanos on the side of the Avengers, talked about his version of Bruce Wayne in the podcast Happy Sad Confused:

“It was interesting for me. It was the decision [de Zack Snyder]it was not mine [de choisir Ben Affleck]. This is something that could have failed or malfunctioned. I like these bets. I was like, ‘Am I the guy who’s going to screw this up?’ […] This was before Deadpool 2. It would have been a version [du personnage] older, hoarser, in search of a better world. Honestly, that would have been nice and maybe I will one day, when I’m 80. »

Dune: photo, Josh BrolinAn old and very serious Bruce Wayne

Somewhat surprising words, since in 2018, Josh Brolin explained at ComicBookMovie : “We talked about it indirectly, but we never really approached things head-on, because I was not the guy for him. I’m really very happy that it didn’t happen. I don’t regret it .”

In 2014, it was even more vague at yahoo : Zack Snyder and I had a chat about the role. For several reasons, we concluded that this was not the best idea, for everyone. Zack had his reasons, I had mine.”

In any case, Josh Brolin had his dose of comics with Thanos and Deadpool 2. The actor will be in the casting of Dunes 2still directed by Denis Villeneuve, whose filming should begin in July 2022, for a release still expected on October 18, 2023 in our French theaters.

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Batman: Josh Brolin talks about his version abandoned by Zack Snyder (in favor of Ben Affleck)