Barbra Streisand preferred Will Smith and Beyoncé for the remake of “A Star Is Born”

Barbra Streisand is one of the artists who have best combined the double figure of singer and actress. One of his most popular films was A Star Is Born, a film that three years ago received a successful remake directed by Bradley Cooper and starring Lady Gaga that raised more than 400 million dollars worldwide. Streisand visited the film set at the time, giving his blessing to the whole team and thrilling all the cast members. However, it seems that the singer the final product did not seem so interesting, since during an interview in The Sunday Project has said that she I would have preferred to do the remake with Will Smith and Beyoncé for the new musical production.

For Streisand the 2018 version is too similar to the film in which he starred under the direction of Frank Pierson. “At first when I heard it was going to be done again, it was supposed to be Will Smith and Beyoncé and I thought, that’s interesting. “ affirmed the actress. He also clarified that the difference in roles would also change the musical genre: “To really do it differently again, with different types of music, integrated actors, I thought it was a great idea. Then I was surprised to see how similar it was to the version I did in 1976 ”.

Like the story that tells the rise to stardom of Gaga’s character, the first film also won the Oscar for best original song, that time because of the topic Evergreen. The actress could not discuss the success of the new story, because apart from the box office she opted for 8 Oscar nominations. Regardless of these data, Streisand thinks that it was a “wrong idea”, pointing out that today he no longer cares about success as much as originality.

Streisand’s last feature film appearance It was given in 2012 with the comedian Seth Rogen in A travel riot and on television, offering his voice to a chapter of Modern Family. Left the stage in 2017 and in the future she does not have any film project on her hands, being already dedicated to a life of retirement.