Bad reputation? – Johnny Depp thinks he is “boycotted by Hollywood”


The actor came out of his media reserve in an interview for the “Sunday Times” about his latest film, “Minamata”.

Presented in 2020 in Berlin, Johnny Depp’s latest film has still not been released in the United States.

Europa Press via Getty Images

How far are the days when Johnny Depp broke records by playing Captain Jack Sparrow five times in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” saga, between 2003 and 2017. Last summer, his name appeared almost every day in the headlines. British tabloids after attacking for diffamation «The Sun» who l’had qualified as «women hitter». During the trial, he and his ex, Amber Heard, washed their dirty laundry in public. And this judicial chapter, still not finished, has notably cost the actor his role in the sequel to “Fantastic Beasts”, replaced as he was by Mads Mikkelsen.

Having become rare in an interview, the actor nevertheless confided in the “Sunday Times”: he felt that Hollywood treated him like an outcast. THE’58 year old actor a evokeIt’s the fate of his latest film, «Minamata», where he embodies the photowar graph W. Eugene Smith, who, in the 1970s, followed the effects of industrial pollution, by the Chisso firm, on the inhabitants of a Japanese village.

Presented at the Berlin Film Festival 2020, “Minamata” was released in the UK on August 6 mais is not agendas in the United States. For Johnny Depp, it’s because he’s the one who carries the film: “There are films that touch people, and this film has an impact on those of Minamata and those who go through similar things. And all for nothing… just because I’m boycotted by Hollywood? All this for a single man, a single actor in an unpleasant and complicated situation? “

In July, the MGM studio assured that “Minamata” was still part of their line-up.

Honoré in Spain

Johnny Depp could have consoled himself by going to seek, on September 22 in San Sebastián, Spain, theand price Donostia, who will reward his career. But he risks being heckled during the ceremony, feminist associations having criticized this choice. For now, the festival director is holding on. “We are fiercely opposed to all violence against women, but as far as we know Johnny Depp has not been arrested, convicted or jailed for any form of assault or violence against a woman. We are attached to the presumption of innocence and reject the lynching practiced on social networks, ”he declared.