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USA. – Channing Tatum it was recorded dancing after not doing it several years ago; let us remember that the actor took his first steps in the artistic world with the dance film “Step up”. When her career started shooting, she walked away from her love of dance, although now she made the time to go back to practicing.

Through their stories of Instagram, the artist showed some of the steps he has tried to perform. It is that, for him, the way of dancing has changed a lot. In search of modernization, he shows his progress to his fans, although he is not very convinced. Channing just wanted to document his process back, but ended up letting everyone see him dance.

It is that for Tatum many people have the conception that not everyone can dance, and that is not entirely true. It is that everyone has a hard time at the beginning, even if they have a certain predisposition or previous talent. The ideal is to practice as much as possible and let yourself be carried away by the chosen music, with that you guarantee good results. Although for Channing Tatum it is not working at the moment.

It is that the artist mentioned that he has not practiced for years and his body has become unaccustomed, for which he must re-create the habit. After posting the stories, she decided to leave a video on the permanent profile, which was filled with comments from her fans. They told him that the choreography he was doing reminded them of the strippers movie, “Magic Mike”.

In the aforementioned tape was the last time we could see Channing Tatum letting out his dancer side. Maybe so much training is due to a project that involves some choreography, which the fans would like very much. For the moment we will have to keep an eye on the actor’s social networks.

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