Aya Nakamura: her concert turns into a fiasco because of Beyoncé, the party is ruined!

Aya Nakamura her concert turns into a fiasco because of Beyoncé, the party is ruined!

It’s a rumor that panics the Web. Beyoncé could well do her concert at the same time as that of Aya Nakamura!

For a few days, the rumor plane about a possible concert of Beyoncé. This one would have location at the same time as that of Aya Nakamura! What make the fans of the French singer tremble.

Aya Nakamura breaks the internet with the announcement of her concert

Only good news at the start of 2023. Aya Nakamura announced the release of her album on January 27. Moreover, the sound Baby » is already a hit on Youtube. The rhythm is ambient and the chorus is anchored in the head. But that’s not all !

The mother of two little girls has also planned concerts on May 26 and 27. Eh yes ! The French star is therefore more awaited than ever at the Accor Arena. She promises to thrill her fans like never before.

When Aya Nakamura announced her next concert date, know that her seats sold like hotcakes. But alas, many fans were unable to book. So they expressed their anger on the social networks : ” No ! The head no… It has been said that Aya Nakamura is for women and gays. Return the seats! Return the seats! I don’t understand ! », “Bercy is too small for me, it seems”, “I’m deg I couldn’t even take my place when I’ve been waiting for it for a long time”, “no but who can find me a place, I buy times 2!! »

So for the good of her fans who don’t have the chance to see her on May 26 and 27, Aya Nakamura has considered another date!

To date, there are therefore three complete dates. It’s a very good one New louser those who dream of seeing it in concertt. Yes, but here we are, there is still a problem… We tell you more about it below.

Will Beyoncé overshadow the French singer?

For the past few hours, Aya Nakamura fans have been shaking! They face a rumor that bothers them more than ever… Indeed, Beyoncé would have decided to do her concert in same time as that of the French singer… All this remains only a noise of corridor, but it becomes more and more insistent.

On Twitter the hashtag “Beyoncé” is even in top tweet. So the question arises, will the American star really announce the date of his concert at the Stade de France?

We will know more in a few days. In the meantime, on Twitter, it’s madness. Many Aya Nakamura fans are ready not to go to her concert in Bercthere because they prefer to go to Beyoncé’s. Vlad’s partner could therefore have fewer places. And much more than expected.

In any case, this is what Internet users say: “If indeed Beyoncé does her concert on May 26th au Stade de France ptdrr Aya aunty you will end up with an empty Accor Arena my go is changing the dates because I am breaking up”…

Or : “ In any case, those who took their tickets to see Aya on MAY 26th, the same day as Beyoncé, force it to you”, “Already we almost lost our skin booking our tickets for Aya if I learn that BEYONCE did a concert on the 26th, I can’t answer for anything anymore “.

While she had made a master stroke, Aya Nakamura could finally lose everything in May ! Case to follow.

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Aya Nakamura: her concert turns into a fiasco because of Beyoncé, the party is ruined!