‘Awaken the Fury’: Jason Statham and his perfect aim star in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the new Guy Ritchie

The film, also with Post Malone and Josh Hartnett in its cast, hits Spanish cinemas on May 28.

Awaken the fury, the new from Guy Ritchie (Aladdin), arrives in Spanish cinemas on May 28. The film features Jason Statham (Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw) in his cast, who plays a mysterious man who goes by the name of H. So that you can warm up your engines for its premiere, in SensaCine we bring you in EXCLUSIVE a preview of the film in which the actor shows his perfect aim.

As you can see in the video, Statham’s character and his colleagues from the security company where he works are assaulted by a group of thieves. Among them is the singer Post Malone (Spenser: Confidential), who is part of the cast of the film. The protagonist does what he is asked: to throw the bags with the money that they transport to the back of one of the cars. But the assailants do not have the picaresque and ingenuity of H to turn the situation around. After distracting his opponents, Statham’s character manages to shoot them one by one and save his co-workers, played by Josh Hartnett (Penny dreadful) and Holt McCallany (MINDHUNTER).

Awaken the fury follows H, a worker at a money transfer company who hides a secret. Every week, he is in charge of moving millions of dollars through the streets of Los Angeles. As his companions try to find out who he really is, it is discovered that H tries to avenge the death of his son. Everything will end in a violent confrontation in which the protagonist will show that, In addition to being brave, he is also lethal and an expert with weapons and in hand-to-hand combat..

What’s new about Ritchie is his version of the French heist movie Le Convoyeur (2004). Awaken the fury also supposes the fourth collaboration between the director of The Gentlemen: The Mafia Lords (2020) and Statham. Their first job together was in Lock & Stock (1998). The second Snatch, pigs and diamonds (2000). The third was Stir (2005).

Awaken the fury Account in its cast with Jeffrey Donovan (Extremely cruel, evil and wicked), Aubrey Plaza (The season of happiness), Hugh grant (The Undoing) and Cary Elwes (Pray for us). On these lines, do not miss the EXCLUSIVE advance of the film and, then, its trailer.