AT THE MOVIE THEATER. With “OSS 117, red alert in black Africa”, the spy Jean Dujardin no longer responds

Jean Dujardin (117) and Pierre Niney (1001). (©DR)

In this difficult period for world cinema, critics must mark their reservations. In all honesty of course. And the desire to make a huge paper on the French blockbuster which should animate the summer attendance is great.

However, Nicolas Bedos was expected

But now, everything has limits. And if it is true that the third opus by Nicolas Bedos was at least as expected as the new adventures of the most out-of-date of our spies, the fact remains that it is impossible to forget the first two films by Michel Hazanavicius inspired by the incredible adventures of the all too famous Hubert Bonnisseur of La Bath : “Cairo, nest of spies” (2006) and “Rio no longer responds” (2009).

Jean Dujardin, dubious punchlines

However, dialogues and scenario are signed by the same Jean-François Halin for the three films, but they are the main element as the second degree is required. OSS 117 is still the same too, Jean Dujardin, here in freewheel mode with questionable punchlines.

Pierre Niney pulls the blanket to him

And doubtful, it is not just these sentences that we are supposed to memorize forever. On the theme of the politico-financial mishmash of Françafrique, 117 must help a local potentate for his re-election because his opponents smack of communism. However, 117 will be obliged to admit to his side for this mission a new OSS, the 1001 (Pierre Niney who pulls the cover to him largely and without difficulty!).

A faintness…

Oppose an agent completely has been to the rising generation, even if it is not original, is always the spring of a assured comic. But now, the idea is not explored and 1001 is even sacrificed, in every sense of the word … More embarrassing, the way to “step back” highlighting racism, colonialism, homophobia and many other festivities, is not convincing and suddenly leaves an uneasiness hovering which singularly tenses the laughter in the room. But here it is, is not Michel Hazanavicius who wants. Besides, he refused this film among other reasons because of… scenario.

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Robert Pénavayre

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