At only € 6, this anti-aging serum convinced Reese Witherspoon

At 45, Reese Witherspoon is more resplendent than ever (Photo: Toni Anne Barson / WireImage)

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It costs € 6 all round and that’s one of Reese Witherspoon’s beautiful skin secrets. Two good excuses to jump on this anti-aging serum?

When we discover an effective care, dubbed by celebrities AND ultra affordable, we can not help but share the info. Little known in France, The Inkey List brand has already made many followers across the Channel and across the Atlantic. Its Q10 antioxidant serum is, among other things, acclaimed by the makeup artist of Reese Witherspoon who made him discover it on the set of the series Big Little Lies. And at only € 6, you can’t help but want to give it a chance.

The benefits of Q10 on aging marks

The key ingredient of this antioxidant serum from The Inkey List is coenzyme Q10. Its name certainly tells you something, since it has literally revolutionized the world of anti-aging skincare. And for good reason: naturally present in all the cells of our body, Q10 is essential for our skin. It provides it with the necessary energy to strengthen it and protect it from daily aggressions. In short, Q10 is a real antioxidant that helps reduce skin aging.

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The body produces its own Q10. It is also absorbed by certain foods like nuts, vegetable oils, green vegetables and many more. But with age, the level of Q10 naturally present in cells decreases, and fine lines appear. This is where a little help may be needed.

A plumping serum

Applied to the face, the sérum Q10 The Inkey List acts in the upper layers of the skin to scavenge free radicals, and so protect the epidermis from attacks. In a few days, the skin appears younger and more plump and the wrinkles and fine lines installed, reduced.

Sérum repulpant Q10 The Inkey List

Sérum repulpant Q10 The Inkey List

Shopper : The Inkey List Q10 serum, € 6 on

If, on the other hand, they are not yet very marked (or even completely absent), the care can also be used on a daily basis to delay their arrival. Which means ? That the Q10 The Inkey List serum is suitable for young women in their 30s as well as women in their 60s!

How do I use The Inkey List Q10 Serum?

According to her and her makeup artist, Reese Witherspoon applies her favorite serum every day before moving on to makeup. An excellent foundation for the complexion, the Q10 antioxidant serum is applied in the morning to clean skin before its moisturizer.

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