At loggerheads: Rian Johnson harasses Daniel Craig to make lots of sequels on Netflix

Rian Johnson isn’t done collaborating with Daniel Craig and lets him know he’s ready to do so many sequels.At loggerheads as possible.

This love story began in 2018. While Rian Johnson intended to do his whodunit, he surrounded himself with Daniel Craig to play detective Benoit Blanc. In 2019, At loggerheads came out and was welcomed with open arms, both by critics and audiences. A success that motivated the two lovebirds to re-enlist. Fan of his character, the filmmaker was eager to work on his next puzzles.

And Netflix, as a Samaritan cupid, played the matchmaker and concluded a pact with the director. For the relationship between Rian and the sixth interpreter of Bond to continue, the firm at N red pretended to be the master of ceremonies and embarked on two new exclusive investigations for the platform. To seal their union, they said yes and a few months later, the Netflix sequel At loggerheads 2 received its first reviews at the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). The opportunity for the director to look back at the future of the franchise in an interview for variety.

Asked about the number of potential sequels to the universe ofAt loggerheadshe did not hide to say that he would like to do as many sequels as possible:

“I’m going to keep doing it until Daniel blocks me on his phone. »

A statement that suggests a bright future for the now saga (since there will be at least three films). If Rian Johnson is boiling hot, for his part the British actor is a regular in franchises since he has striven to embody agent 007 for fifteen years. It remains to be seen whether the actor will want to relaunch himself in an adventure as time-consuming as that of the MI6 spy, after having just left it.

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For now, we know that Rian Johnson’s new mystery shone on his Toronto debut. And if all the next At loggerheads maintain this cruising speed and always show themselves to be as qualitative film after film, we can only take our oath and give our blessing to the winning cocktail Rian/Daniel/Netflix. If you (like us) are eager to discover the next puzzle of the trio Glass Onion: a story at loggerheadsyou will have to wait until December 23, 2022 before seeing it land in the Netflix catalog.

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At loggerheads: Rian Johnson harasses Daniel Craig to make lots of sequels on Netflix