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Hello to you inveterate reader! On this day of May 1st and Labor Day that fell badly on a Sunday, at Info Tout Court we don’t have time to fool around and offer you a recap of the big cultural news of the week, from the Fantastic 4, Arthur and the Invisibles or Lady Gaga!

On the cinema side,

  • Director Jon Watts, already behind the trilogy of Spiderman by Tom Holland withdraws from directing Fantastic Four ! While it was announced in the winter of 2020, the director and the studio did not reveal anything about the reasons for this departure. But Watts comments to be “eternally grateful to have been a part of the MCU” and to have “can’t wait to see the incredible vision of Fantastic Four come to fruition” while producer Kevin Feige shares with some disappointment that he is “looking forward to continuing our collaboration” and “confident about working together again in the future”; the doors are therefore not closed. A piece of news which, on our side, makes us happy about the staging, to say the least, of the forgettable Spiderman of Watts. We hope for a worthy replacement!
  • Luc Besson surprised his world by surprisingly revealing a teaser from a pseudo sequel to Arthur and the Minimoys (we told you about it here) with sauce… Horror ! Writes and produces Besson himselfthis Arthur, Curse is directed by Barthélémy Grossmann. The film will follow a group of teenage fans of the original trilogy who will have found the abandoned house that served as a filming location for the saga of Minimoys. However, their dream will quickly turn into a nightmare when they realize that they are caught in a Machiavellian and deadly trap! See you on May 13 for the trailer for this film scheduled in theaters for June 29!

On the serial side,

  • Let’s dive into the most famous galaxy far, far away. Adriano Goldman, director of photography for the Star Wars series Andorspin-off from RogueOnerevealed that the show will have three seasonsInstead of five initially planned ! Expected after the release of Obi-Wan Kenobithis is a first for a Star Wars series that it is officially announced a salvo of several seasons. A very surprising confidence on the part of Lucasfilm towards the show created by Tony & Dan Gilroy when one considers that the main protagonist remains a very secondary character within the universe…. Wait and see!
  • Jonathan Cohen returns with his contenders on Canal + for season 2 of the Flame which is revealed in the trailer! But after the Bachelor it’s the turn of the show Koh Lanta to take for his rank in this parody named for the occasion The Torch: Adventurers of Chupacabra. Marc and 15 other candidates will therefore have to survive and win trials on a hostile island to pocket the modest sum of… €450! The opportunity to find the cast of the first season and to count on the new arrival of Jonathan Lambert, Kad Merad, Mister V, Laura Felpin and Gérard Darmon. An explosive cocktail that promises to be the most hilarious!

music side,

  • 35 years after the cult Take My Breath Away, performed by Berlin; it’s the gigastar’s turn Lady Gaga to take care of the new flagship song of Top Gun: Maverick ! Named hold my hand, it will be available to listen to from May 3. The film’s soundtrack is composed by Harold Faltermeyer and Hans Zimmer.
  • The siblings of rapper Bigflo and Oli, who have thrilled the entire French internet with their song and clip Holy Brothel three weeks ago, come back to put it forward through of a most interesting making-of! We see them traveling to the four corners of France with their famous cube and going to meet their fan. A very good way to rediscover their new hit and keep us waiting until June 24 for the release of their new album.

On the video game side,

  • The transition to Next Gen consoles is already underway. Sources report that Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 will only be released on PC and PS5/Xbox Series X|S who will blow out their second candle. News that also joins the rumors around the DC game Gotham Knights who would do the same as Warner Bros. Game announced. Change is on the way!
  • While we already knew that Peter Parker and Miles Morales could be playable in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a third weaver could be! Without having been confirmed by the Insomniac studio, the rumor describes that this third character will use smoke screens, projectiles and “artificial or organic tentacles”. A description that fits perfectly with Venom, already announced in the teaser of the game! However, this mystery avatar will be reserved for specific missionsin a limited time and not cannot be used in the open world. In this sense, it could correspond to a black suit version of Peter Parker.

reading side,

  • Frank Miller launches its own publishing house named Frank Miller Presents. The one who redefined heroes such as Batman and Daredevil partners with former DC Comics boss Dan Didio and promises to create original comics and ensure its future projects. Thus the duo announced the start of construction of two spin-off projects of Miller’s work : Sin City 1858a western prequel to the famous graphic novel and Ronin Book Two. Let’s add to that two other original creations, pandora and Ancient Enemies. Their purpose is actually toedit less than 4 projects per year. Still a lot of mystery hangs around this new publishing house since no creative team has been announced.
  • The world of comics is in mourning. The giant designer Neal Adams left us this Thursday, April 28. He will have known how to mark the 70s by its realistic graphic style and for having completely modernized the drawings of several DC comics heroes such as Batman Where Green Arrow. Adams participated in creating mythical enemies such as Man Bat or Ras Al Ghul or instilling all the madness in the famous Joker. He will also mark the history of comics by fighting tooth and nail for the recognition of copyright by winning his case. A myth is gone, may he rest in peace.

Show side,

  • Celine Dion announced postpone once again his concerts in Europe for September 2023. The reason ? His health would not allow him to perform the show. Indeed, the star suffers from muscle spasms for some time but still wants to reassure her fans by stating that she feels better despite her slower than expected recovery. As a reminder, his tour was to take place in June-July 2020, then postponed to March 2021 because of the covid and finally September 2022 for the same reasons. We wish him a good recovery!
  • the Paris Fan Festival will soon open its doors in Paris! Our very dear Paname is about to become the capital of pop culture on the weekend of 7 and 8 May with this geeky event that will highlight Star Warsfantasy, superheroes, manga or gaming. Located at the Paris Event Center at Porte de la Villettenuggets will be exhibited there such as the life-size batmobile from the Tim Burton saga; animated debates will get used to it with media like Widescreen on the issue of confrontation of fans and moviegoers about Marvel; and prestigious guests such as Matt Smith, Charlie Heaton or Simon Astier will be present. Just like us to provide you with a most exciting report! To your tickets!
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Arthur and the Minimoys, The Fantastic 4, Lady Gaga… Our recap of the week… – L’Info Tout Court