Argo: Ben Affleck really did not appreciate being snubbed at the Oscars

Despite the Oscar for Best Picture won by “Argo”, Ben Affleck believes that the Academy has not been fair with him by not nominating him as Best Director. He looks back on this episode of his career with always a bitter taste in his mouth.

Argo : the third achievement of Ben Affleck

With the exception of the disappointing Live by Night, Ben Affleck is an actor who has been able to put on the director’s cap wonderfully. His two thrillers that are Gone Baby Gone and The Town were great successes, then he left his mark with Argo. The latter allowed him to win an Oscar for Best Picture in 2013. A reward that is not available to everyone. That year, the competition was stiff, with the presence in competition of Django Unchained, from Lincoln, d’Happiness Therapy and especially the impressive Zero Dark Thirty.

As a reminder, Argo looks back at the true story of six diplomats to exfiltrate in the midst of the Iranian Islamic revolution. In 1979, more precisely, Tehran was the scene of a political crisis, with the Khomeini regime demanding to recover the Shah who had taken refuge in the United States. While the American embassy is taken by storm, six diplomats manage to escape and find refuge on the side of the Canadian ambassador. To get them out of this situation, the CIA decides to put Agent Mendez on the spot. This one has the idea of ​​constituting a rescue team and pretend to be a film crew scouting to prepare a science fiction feature film.

Argo ©Warner Bros. Pictures

Ben Affleck snubbed at the Oscars?

During his visit to The Howard Stern Show, Ben Affleck reconsidered his absence at the Oscars in the categories of Best Director and Best Actor. He has also crossed the throat the fact of not having been named, while his film has yet managed to win the supreme award.

We had the cut, the adapted script and the best film. The only guy who screwed up was the headliner and the director? I can do the math as to who the stuffing turkey was here.

The actor / director simply considers to have been snubbed and that the Academy knowingly wanted to put it aside. The situation is all the more astonishing as the name of Ben Affleck necessarily came back in the predictions before the announcement of the nominees. To better understand his position and how the event works, the person concerned appears annoyed because the Best Director category honors the work of a person, whereas that of the Best Film is more geared towards producers. Note also that Ben Affleck was not in the race for Best Actor either, which feeds his analysis of the situation. On the other hand, he can console himself by saying that he was crowned Best Director at the Golden Globes and the BAFTAs.

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Argo: Ben Affleck really did not appreciate being snubbed at the Oscars