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After Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck would have come to shoot a scene in “Aquaman 2” by resuming his role as Batman. But the two cameos would have been finally deleted from the final cut.

Aquaman 2 with Jason Momoa and Amber Heard

After the catastrophic release of The Flash, unable to go beyond $ 268 million in worldwide box office receipts, two next superhero films are expected from Warner Bros. The studio will come out first Blue Beetle (August 16), which does not seem to interest many people, then a slightly more ambitious project with Aquaman 2 (December 20). The first Aquaman was a great success with over $1 billion in revenue raised worldwide.

This sequel will see Jason Momoa reprise his role as Arthur Curry, whileAmber Heard should be present in Mera’s. Which shouldn’t be the case Ben Affleck, who would have filmed a scene as Batman. According to a lengthy survey of The Hollywood Reporterthe case Aquaman 2 would have been a big headache for Warner.

Remember that the project was initiated when Walter Hamada was still at the head of DC Films. But since, Many things have changed. According to information from the American media, following test screenings, several changes have been made.

Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, and nothing more

First, we learn that Michael Keatonwho reprized his role as Bruce Wayne in The Flashhad to be in the game to be an equivalent of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But at the end of July 2022, Ben Affleck would have come replace the actor (who had already shot scenes). Before Affleck’s cameo also finally disappears from the final cut.

Ben Affleck – Batman v Superman ©Warner Bros.

According to the sources of THRthere would ultimately be no intervention from Batmanwhether it’s the incarnation of Michael Keaton (from the Batman of Tim Burton) or that of Ben Affleck (introduced with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice).

In the end, the production ofAquaman 2 would have been quite chaotic. But not just because of changes within Warner Bros. and DC Studios. Rather due to a timing problem with special effects teams who would have beenoverloaded“.

A bad for a good ?

He could, however, remain a glimmer of hope. The presence of James Gunn would have had all the same a positive impact on Aquaman 2. The one who now runs DC Studios with Peter Safran would have helped restore order to this chaos by asking last June five days of reshoots. The retakes reportedly went so well that director James Wan only needed four days to do it all.

Jason Momoa - Aquaman ©Warner Bros.
Jason Momoa – Aquaman ©Warner Bros.

Moreover, additional investments from Warner Bros.who would have accepted that the budget of 205 million dollars ofAquaman 2 exceeded, could indicate confidence on the part of the studio. Deleting Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck cameos would finally be a way to avoid giving fans false hope before launching on better foundations the new DC Universe. Which wouldn’t be silly when you see what has been done with The Flash.

In all cases, Aquaman 2 will be the last remnant of the DCEU started by Zack Snyder and the last possibility for Warner Bros. to raise their heads after the consecutive failures of black adam, Shazam 2 And The Flash.

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Aquaman 2: a scene with Ben Affleck would have been cut – CinéSérie