Anya Taylor-Joy’s tender gesture with a 3-year-old fan


Anya Taylor-Joy is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses and her attitude always stands out in the industry. But now he’s gone one step further and surprised a fan. Know why.

Anya Taylor Joy©GettyAnya Taylor Joy

With his starring role in queen bet, Netflix original series, Anya Taylor Joy achieved worldwide fame and success that seems unstoppable. This is because the band was a sensation that crossed borders and its interpretation was unparalleled. And, despite the fact that the young woman had already collected various jobs throughout her career, she was the character of Beth Harmon the one that put her in the position she is in today.

Again, beyond queen bet Yes Beth Harmon, Anya Taylor Joy He continued to show his talent in different projects. Moreover, it has come to catalog her as one of the most important and outstanding artists of her generation. In any case, as if that weren’t enough, what stands out the most about the actress is the attitude she always has both in front of the cameras and towards her fans.

Like all Hollywood stars, Anya Taylor Joy she had to pay the price of fame and be chased by millions more than once. But, another of the details that the interpreter had to face when he was known all over the world is blend in with other personalities! Although, to tell the truth, this time, the protagonist of queen bet had a sweet anecdote with a three-year-old fan who mistook her for Elsa from Frozen.

In a recent interview with the BBC, journalist and film critic Ali Plumb told Joy: “You remind me a bit of Elsa. It’s not that we need live action from Frozenbut it seems to be a matter of time”. To this she responded and surprised everyone when she confessed that she had to pretend to be disney character make a baby happy. ” You know what’s so cute about that? Years ago I met a director and he had a 3 year old daughter he loved Frozen“, he began by saying.

Then he continued:She asked my permission to bring her to the office and pretend to be Elsa, to do all the show.”. And, no doubt, she accepted instantly, but the meeting didn’t end there. ” She was so excited and at the end of the day she asked me to do some magic. I told him: ‘if you want me to do it, I will do it’, but he was so scared that he ended up answering: ‘no, not now’. He really thought he was going to freeze the place“, he counted. And, despite the fact that in the end it ended in fear, the actress made a gesture worthy of applause.

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Anya Taylor-Joy’s tender gesture with a 3-year-old fan