Anya Taylor-Joy’s latest manicure is the most stylish we’ve ever seen

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    Manicure change in sight? This summer we are seeing all kinds of them, from the most classic, such as Laura Escanes’ latest natural bet, to the most striking, such as polka dot nails. There are plenty of options! Whatever your style, you will always find a proposal that is trendy and adapts to your personality.

    If you want to achieve ideal nails, there is nothing like being inspired by the most stylish ‘celebs’ to capture ideas. And although the summer season has just begun, we already have the most beautiful manicure of summer 2021, by Anya Taylor-Joy. The actress has opted for a super-elegant design that we are eager to copy.

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    A few days ago, Dior presented its Cruise collection in Athens (where, by the way, we signed the ‘hair bracelet’ trend for our next party looks). Of course, Anya was one of the VIP guests at this show, as the ‘maison’ was one of her leading brands on the red carpets.

    Every last detail of her look was carefully chosen so that the protagonist of ‘Lady’s Gambit’ shone at all times, including the manicure, which was no coincidence. Now, thanks to a ‘story’ in which she shows a Rock and Raw ring, we have been able to see in detail her nails, created by the artist Kim Truong, which has its beauty salon in Los Angeles and also takes care of the hands of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry or Charli D’Amelio, among others.

    The design of this manicure could not go better with the occasion, with Greek white and blue as main colors. To give a touch of fantasy, on the central nails, Anya wears star details and Dior name. It is a manicure full of light that is very easy to imitate, whether your nails are short or somewhat longer.

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