Anya Taylor-Joy would be Black Cat in SpiderVerse

The winner of several awards Anya Taylor-Joie shocked the Hollywood industry with her role as Beth Harmon in the miniseries of Netflix title Gambit de la dame. In this case, the character of the actress seeks to become the best chess player in the world while struggling with emotional issues and various drug and alcohol addictions. The story begins in the mid-1950s and continues into the 1960s.

Associating the name of this talented performer with a project is to bring it a little closer to success and it seems to be the project of those responsible for the SpiderVerse, which is divided between what is happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and what are you planning Sony with characters like Morbius, Kraven the Hunter Yes Venom. Now it looks like a branded anti-heroine is going to hit theaters and Anya Taylor-Joie would be responsible for bringing the character to life according to Creepy giant robot.

Is Black Cat Coming to the SpiderVerse?

Felicia Hardy, better known as Black cat, this would be one of the next additions he plans Sony with the watchful eye of wonder on creative decisions about the character. Of course, the rights to all names associated with Spider Man continue to be in the power of Sony which plans to create its own universe based on properties close to the wall-crawler.

Black cat She is the daughter of an expert thief who is trained in different martial arts and possesses Olympic level agility and endurance. One of its curious powers is to affect ” luck “ of his adversaries. For example, if someone points a gun at them, the device hangs and the device explodes in the assailant’s hand. Speaking of black cats! She was Peter’s partner in graphic novels, but showed no interest in photographer Daily Bugle, only in Spider Man.

The success of Spider-Man: No Path Home ensured the lifespan of the franchise much longer and Sony you plan to profit from the properties you own. It will surely work in conjunction with wonder, we have already seen michael keton, who hailed from the MCU as Adrian Toomes, in the trailer for Morbius. And the post-credits scene of Venom approach Eddie Brock with regard to Pierre Parker showing the interest that the alien symbiote has in the hero.

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Anya Taylor-Joy would be Black Cat in SpiderVerse