Anya Taylor-Joy: the “psychological warfare” that suffered in Lady’s Gambit

A Golden Globe and one Screen Actors Guild Award were the most important awards received by Anya Taylor-Joy for her brilliant performance as Beth Harmon in the Netflix miniseries, Lady’s Gambit. The role of the chess player ended up catapulting her to fame, but all was not rosy for the Argentinian-born actress: in a virtual meeting with renowned colleagues, he revealed “Psychological warfare” who suffered while playing this role. View!

The 25-year-old has been invited to a prestigious Round table organized by The Hollywood Reporter to share experiences about his career. Nothing less than Cynthia Erivo, Gillian Anderson, Elizabeth Olsen, Mj Rodriquez Yes Sarah Paulson They completed the group which discussed various aspects related to the activity.

During the conversation, Taylor-Joy interrupted and asked her peers a question. “Since I started I have convinced myself that cinema was a very private practice with a private group of people and no one was ever going to see him. On each project, I have to sit down about two months after it’s finished and say: people will see it and have access to it when they want. How do you work on this? “, consulted and recounted the pain he felt after Lady’s Gambit because “Something I loved so much” it was no longer his.

Anya Taylor-Joy spoke of the “psychological warfare” she suffered in Lady’s Gambit

In turn, she explained that her character of Beth accompanied her even outside of the set: « TI worked consecutively on two projects with a day off in between, so when i filmed the show i was exhausted and there was no energy to create a barrier with fiction. And that was potentially the hardest thing about the show, because it was a wonderful experience as an actress not to have to feel emotions, but we also have to go through a psychological war« , started.

Anya Taylor-Joie

Anya Taylor-Joy dans Lady’s Gambit (@NetflixLAT)

In her story, Argentina described how she felt those days: ” You ask yourself, Why do I feel so bad in the morning? And then you say: oh these are not my feelings, but I have to focus on them all day and I have to be aware enough to say: you are not depressed, the character is depressed and at some point this feeling will leave you« .

On the other hand, he responded to how he managed not to be cataloged as a character after his success with The Witch. “Right after I got a script about a witch, and I was like, wow, why do you want to see me do this again?” So I told my agent I didn’t want to make witch movies anymore., indicated the role that made her famous in 2016.

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