Anya Taylor-Joy (The Lady’s Game) confirms the return of those beauty trends from the past – She

Anya Taylor-Joy is a beautista to watch closely. Since we know her, the actress, revealed by the hit Netflix series “The Lady’s Game”, has proven that she is a real hair chameleon. Sometimes red, sometimes brown … The young woman is now blonde. On the lookout for the latest trends, the actress also likes to look retro. Invited to present the American show “Saturday Night Live”, the latter unveiled a beauty vestige of the past. In his viewfinder? The 60s. For the occasion, the unforgettable Beth Harmon opted for the sixties hairstyle par excellence. Curved hair on the top of the head, smooth locks at the front of the face… This hairstyle based on an XXL volume is attracting more and more the new generation. Proof of this is that Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner and Tina Kunakey have recently adopted it. “Since Anya had so many different looks, I wanted her hair to be timeless. So I was inspired by the voluminous hairstyles of the 1960s, ”explained hairstylist Gregory Russell.

The graphic eyeliner, the timeless trend

On the makeup side, vintage was also a must. To enhance Anya Taylor-Joy’s gaze, make-up artist Georgie Eisdell has opted for a graphic eyeliner placed in an arc of a circle. Since last year, this vintage trend continues to seduce. Popularized by the English model Twiggy in the 60s, this way of wearing eyeliner has made a comeback on the catwalks, especially at Altuzarra or Stella McCartney. If the fashion houses dare original shapes, like waves or triangles, to start gently, we opt for a double line in the image of Anya Taylor-Joy.

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