Anya Taylor-Joy is the enigma queen in ‘The Soho Mystery’

Most of the stories written or directed by the British Edgar Wright range from terror of comedy. It is strange to think that someone can laugh while watching the blood gush out of human viscera. In fact, it is one of the hallmarks of his almost 25-year career, in which there is also action and thriller. Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Baby: The Crime Apprentice, Ant-Man or Scott Pilgrim vs. the World are the result of his style.

The mystery of Soho (Last Night in Soho) is his new sinister journey. “It is a nightmare animated by neon light. It’s dark, but the darkness is juxtaposed with incredibly bright flashes of color. It presents a world that is realistic and yet firmly established in a dream ”. The words are from the actress Anya Tay-lor-Joy, co-star of the Wright film that opens tomorrow in theaters of the country.

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Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie) is a rookie fashion student new to London. She comes from the country and is obsessed with the splendor of the London of the 60s. When Mrs. Collins (Diana Rigg) moves into the house she develops a gift that allows her to have night visions of that time … or is she simply dreaming? On those trips back in time, he meets Sandie (Anya Taylor-Joy), an aspiring singer, dancer and actress who becomes entangled with Jack (Matt Smith), a manager who promises her career brilliance. Eloise adopts Sandie as her spirit guide: she dyes her hair to look more like her heroine and waits for each night, in which she will be able to relive in the past, through her dreams. But each day will become more sinister.

Thomasin McKenzie is Eloise, a young woman who comes from the countryside to study fashion design in London.

“I love London and the 60s”, shares the filmmaker. “However, with the city there is a love-hate relationship. She can be brutal and gorgeous at the same time. Always changing, due to gentrification, the new architecture; and as a consequence, the panorama is slowly transforming. With all this in mind, it is very easy to romanticize the past decades; even the ones we weren’t even born into. Maybe you could forgive us for thinking that it would be great to travel back in time to go back to the animated sixties. But a disturbing doubt remains. Would it really be great? Particularly from the female perspective. Sometimes when you talk to the people who lived through it, they effusively tell stories from that crazy time. However, there is always that feeling that there is something they never count on. Sometimes, if you ask them, they answer that it was also a very hard time.

Therefore, the objective of the film is to discover what is not said, the truth behind those rose-colored glasses; it is also surprising how soon this facet reveals itself ”.

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The mystery of Soho addresses the double facet of this central area in the heart of London: it is the epicenter of bohemia, bars, nightclubs, theaters and cinemas; and at the same time it is a famous den of perversion, home to prostitutes, swindlers and all kinds of vices.

“I was inspired to make a film in which the protagonist was a woman. Also, I was aware that much of the movies of the sixties, mostly written by men, were moralistic tales about the girls who came to visit. London. These feature films were probably very innovative at the time, but now they are sensational and puritanical as they condemn the idea of ​​women’s liberation and that women can stand up for themselves, ”says Wright.

He adds: “The sixties had a great influence on London and especially Soho, which has always been home to the highest strata of sophistication and show business, but has also been the home of evil. It is steeped in the history of music and cinematography, as well as the history of crime ”.

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Anya Taylor-Joy is the enigma queen in ‘The Soho Mystery’