Anya Taylor-Joy in Edgar Wright’s Creepy Last Night in Soho Trailer

The highly anticipated latest film by Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim, Baby Driver) seems full of promise: the disturbing teaser is already arousing horror and chills, instilled by the talented Anya Taylor-Joy.

You must have seen her play as Beth Harmon, the young chess prodigy in the world-famous series The Lady’s Game, but you don’t necessarily know that the actress Argentinian-American-British Anya Taylor-Joy is a fan of horror films and thrillers. It was in 2015 in the horror film The Witch that it was revealed. And at 25, she is expected in another movie of horror, psychological this one: Last Night in Soho by Edgar Wright in which the actress Thomasin McKenzie (Jojo rabbit) sees his personality mingle strangely with that of the character played by Anya Taylor-Joy.

We are taken to thehe London in the 1960s, where the young Héloïse, a fashion fan, studied styling and was propelled back in time. There she meets her lifelong idol, Sandy, a figure in swinging london, played by Anya. But: The London of the 1960s is not what it seems, and time seems to be running out with very strange consequences “, teased the Focus Features. Disturbing, anxiety-provoking atmosphere. The director of photography is none other than Chung Chung-Hoon who for example worked on Old boy.

Last Night in Soho Edgar Wright is all the more expected since it had to be postponed due to the pandemic, its release is finally scheduled for this fall.

Edgar Wright: cult director

This English director started his career with totally offbeat comedies in the company of the duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in super cult films like Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s end. In 2010 he took a turn, on the advice of his then-girlfriend Anna Kendrick, by making an adaptation of Scott pilgrim, a crazy graphic novel where a teenager has to face his girlfriend’s ex’s. Music occupies a special place there. He also entrusts the soundtrack to Nigel Godrich, the favorite producer of Beck and Radiohead who participate in the soundtrack.

He thus definitively consolidates his status as a cult director. But it’s time in 2017 that he finally gets real recognition with the film Baby Driver which tells the story of a young man, driving ace, forced to work for a crime boss as a driver and who finds himself involved in a burglary. Here again, music occupies a central place since the young driver only drives with headphones screwed on his ears and it is his playlist that allows him to stay focused on the road and drive like an F1 driver.

This year Edgar Wright is back in the news twice. In addition to his fiction Last Night in Soho, – for which we can say that he had a fine nose in hiring Anya Taylor-Joy – he will also be present in music with a documentary on the American group The Sparks which celebrates its 50 years of career. He has collected loads of testimonials from personalities in the music world who all pay homage to the two Mael brothers and their group of incredible longevity. This doc was recently presented at the Sundance Festival.

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