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The Marvel star is the proud father of four children with his ex-wife and childhood sweetheart Sheletta Chapital. Find out all about Anthony’s family here!

While by Anthony Mackie career reaches dizzying heights, the actor continues to remain rooted in his personal life. the The Falcon and the Winter Soldier The star makes sure to stay private about everything about her family and is well known for keeping them out of the spotlight, helping her avoid some of the pitfalls of fame. Anthony is so good at it that fans might know about his upcoming plans, but they might not know that he would have four kids with an ex-wife!

Sheletta Chapital and Anthony Mackie were childhood sweethearts who married in 2014 and separated three years later. (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Anthony met his ex Sheletta Marquee when he was only 7 years old while they were in school together. “So I walked in, and I looked, and I saw this little girl with these scruffy pigtails and skinny legs, and I was like, ‘Wow! “” Anthony recalled his first race with Sheletta on The Queen Latifah Show in 2014. They dated until their secret wedding in 2014, which wasn’t revealed until a year later! The couple tied the knot at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, in front of around 150 people.

Although very little is known about Anthony and Sheletta’s offspring, due to their private nature, it was reported that they welcomed four children together before calling it quits in 2017. And although he never mentioned them by name in interviews, Anthony gives fans a peek into their lives here and there.

“The most rewarding part [of fatherhood] to see them grow up to be good human beings, very beautiful children,” said Anthony Paternal in July 2020. “I try to make my children understand that the world is their playground and that they should respect people as human beings until they are shown otherwise,” said he added.

Anthony Macky
Sheletta and Anthony reportedly welcomed four children before going their separate ways. (SplashNews)

After the arrival of his third child, the actor revealed how a large family changed their minds during an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “I recently had my third child, and it just ruined everything that was my reality. It changes your whole view of the world. Even traveling is a problem now — I have to buy five tickets! I look at my parents – they had six kids. I’ve always wondered why we’ve never vacationed farther than Florida or the Gulf Coast – it’s like “Oh, because they couldn’t afford eight plane tickets , so you put all the kids in the Lincoln and drive to Florida! »

In a video interview with vanity lounge, the 42-year-old star recalled the moment her son found out he was Captain America. “It’s an opportunity to spend more time with your children,” he explained. “It’s been a way for my sons and I to bond around movies. He went on to say that as a parent, “all you want is your kids’ approval, and to him, nothing and no one else matters.” My son said it was cool, so it’s cool, you know?

While we may not know much about Anthony’s kids, we can agree with them that their dad is definitely “cool”!

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Anthony Mackie’s Kids: Facts About His 4 Kids and His Relationship With Their Mom – Up News Info News in France and abroad