Anthony Mackie: the Marvel actor criticizes these two huge franchises for their lack of diversity

In an interview, Anthony Mackie took the liberty of giving his opinion on two immense franchises still very popular today. According to the actor mcuthey are sorely lacking in diversity.

Anthony Mackie criticizes Harry Potter And The Lord of the Rings their lack of diversity

The last movie Harry Potter may have been released more than ten years ago, that does not prevent some from criticizing the franchise even today. This is the case of Anthony Mackie, interpreter of the Falcon and now the new Captain America within Marvel studios, who benefits from an interview granted to Reverse For pointing fingers at movies focused on the sorcerer’s apprentice. According to him, feature films Harry Potter radically lacking in diversity. “Harry Potter had no black friends” he points out before take on another franchise for the same reasons: The Lord of the Rings : “Frodo has traveled the entire universe and has never met a black guy. I want to see him around the neighborhood, and if I ever participate in Saturday Night Live (an American comedy show, editor’s note), it will be a sketch that I will do.”

anthony mackie criticizes harry potter for its lack of diversity

This isn’t the first time the film adaptation of JK Rowling’s novels has been criticized for lacking diversity. Warner’s choice to recast the character of Lavender Brown by Jessie Cave, a white actress, had already fwas written a lot of ink at the time. The studios then explained that it was simply “because Jessie Cave was more experienced.” With its new series in preparation focused on the adventures ofHarry PotterHBO counts well in any case to correct the shot. “There is a desire to include a greater diversity of skin colors” in particular specified the film critic Jeff Sneider on The Hot Mic podcast.

Anthony Mackie defends Jonathan Majors, accused of domestic violence

jonathan majors marvel

Coming back to Anthony Mackie, he wanted to give his opinion on another subject dear to his heart! After speaking out about the lack of diversity within franchises Harry Potter And The Lord of the Rings, the MCU actor returned to the Jonathan Majors case, accused of domestic violence since last March. He reminds ofReverse that the presumption of innocence must be respectedand that no proof of his guilt has been asserted at the present time:

We are a country based on the presumption of innocence. This is one of the peculiarities of the United States. Nothing has been proven about this man. Nothing. So each individual is innocent until proven guilty. That’s all I have to say. It’s crazy where we are as a society. But in this country, it’s the presumption of innocence that prevails

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Anthony Mackie the Marvel actor criticizes these two huge franchises

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Anthony Mackie: the Marvel actor criticizes these two huge franchises for their lack of diversity