Angelina Jolie came to Instagram

Little by little, celebrities who were reluctant to use social networks began to appear on them. The last one to join us was Angelina Jolie, who today inaugurated his account Instagram with the idea of ​​making a post on what is happening now in Afghanistan, where the Taliban have seized power and highlighted a political and humanitarian crisis in the region.

Angelina is often involved in humanitarian causes. (Getty)

Faced with this situation, the actress of Grave robber He decided to dedicate his first post to giving voice to a girl on behalf of her compatriots. In a few paragraphs, the teenager addressed Angelina Jolie of the difficult situation they are going through in Afghanistan. “At present, the Afghan people are losing the ability to communicate on social media and express themselves freely., assured the actress.

” I came to Instagram share their stories and the voices of those fighting for their basic human rights around the world ” , he underlined Angelina Jolie. In just a few hours, he reached 2.2 million followers, which in his first post left around 500,000 likes. She, for her part, only followed three stories: that of the Refugees, the of Doctors Without Borders and of The National Association for the Advancement of People of Color.

“It is depressing to see Afghans once again displaced by fear and uncertainty who have taken power in their country”the teenager wrote in the letter posted by Angelina Jolie. “Watching for decades Afghan refugees, among the most capable people in the world, be treated as a burden is also depressing. “he explained. In the letter, he explained to the actress that, “Like so many others”, I know “Compromise” ask for help for ” hope “ may she support her.

The actress who uses networks like Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie She is not the only one to turn to her social networks for the sole purpose of supporting the most just causes. Who has been doing this type of internship for years is Emma watson, who became known around the world for what was done in the saga of Harry Potter What Hermione Granger, and whose last major project was the remake of The beauty and the Beast from Disney.

hermione granger harry potter jk rowling emma watson

Emma Watson has been in her career for almost two decades. (IMDb)

The actress of Harry Potter She hasn’t posted for over a year, but when she does, it’s usually to support causes for gender equality or to fight racism. In fact, his last post was to tell his fans about the movement. Black lives matter and the problems with white supremacists.

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