An ordinary spy on DVD and VOD: 3 things to know about the thriller with Benedict Cumberbatch

After having fascinated the public in June 2021 at the cinema, An ordinary spy is revealed in video. On this occasion, try to win a DVD of the film by participating in the game organized on the AlloCiné Instagram account! 3 facts about this thrilling thrill

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1960. A modest English trade representative, Greville Wynne finds himself plunged into the heart of the Cold War. At the request of MI-6 and the CIA, he forges an alliance as secret as it is perilous with Soviet colonel Oleg Penkovsky.

Objective: to provide the necessary information to the West to avoid a nuclear confrontation and defuse the Cuban missile crisis. He then began a series of trips back and forth between London and Moscow, taking more and more risks …


Enigmatic, breathless and thrilling, An Ordinary Spy takes an interest in the extraordinary yet true story of Greville Wynne. A simple English trade representative, he quite simply prevented World War III.

Supported by his Russian source Oleg Penkovsky known as “Ironbark”, he indeed made it possible to end the Cuban missile crisis by helping the CIA to penetrate the Soviet nuclear program during the Cold War. A key figure in history, this man in the shadows is therefore honored for the first time in this biopic directed by Dominic Cooke.


It was following the 2016 US presidential election that screenwriter Tom O’Connor nurtured his idea of ​​writing this film, focusing on the roots of espionage between the United States and the Union. Soviet.

Oleg Penkovsky, played by Merab Ninidze in the film, was a major source of information for Americans in the USSR, he explains. One of the books I read said that Penkovsky’s contact was a British civilian by the name of Greville Wynne. That’s when my scriptwriting instinct kicked in“.


After having marked the spirits in La Taupe and Imitation Game, Benedict Cumberbatch extends his glorious path in spy cinema by lending his features to Greville Wynne.

Spies are a great material for actors because they play on cross-dressing and multiple identities, and their identity changes are staggeringly rapid.“, confides the actor.

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And to put on the suit of this businessman recruited by the Secret Intelligence Service, the English actor had to follow a drastic diet which made him lose 12 kg! “I only had 12 weeks to lose weight. It really was not a trivial experience”, He says.

I had to be extremely rigorous in my program and my daily habits in order to strengthen my body (…) The positive aspect is that this experience pushed me to finally put myself in yoga and swimming. .

Discover An Ordinary Spy now on VOD, and from October 27 on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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An ordinary spy on DVD and VOD: 3 things to know about the thriller with Benedict Cumberbatch