An expensive derby between Marnaval and Vaux-sur-Blaise

Eric Gauthier and the Valpériens go to Marnaval this Sunday afternoon, where victory is imperative for both teams. (Photo: NC)

Three days after having faced Eclaron, Marnaval, continues, this Sunday
November 14 (2:30 p.m.), with the reception in Vaux-sur-Blaise. A high-stakes derby for the two teams that occupy the last places in the standings.

The Marnavalais, who led twice in the score, Thursday, November 11, against Eclaron, finally had to be content with a draw (3-3). A frustrating point for Axel Gérard’s teammates, as Antoine Briard, the Marseille coach, concedes.
“This derby against Eclaron is frustrating. Since the start of the season, we haven’t had that bit of success that would have allowed us to have a few more points on the clock. But we are not looking for an excuse and we continue to hang on. “

No time to think about it, since this Sunday, November 14, a new derby awaits the “Gueules Noires”, with the reception of Vaux-sur-Blaise. For their third game in the space of a week, Arnaud Pécheux’s teammates are likely to be a little diminished on the physical level. “There will inevitably be fatigue, especially since I do not have the possibility of making rotations. Vaux, who did not play Thursday, is ahead of us in the standings. After several years of R1, Vaux has experience. “

In addition to fatigue, Antoine Briard will have to do without the services of Alexis Aubriot (muscle injury), who returned to the group on Thursday. As for Marvin Gérard, also released on injury, a decision will be taken at the last moment.
And for this new derby, the match promises to be undecided. “The game is likely to be tight. The derbies are never the best matches in content. We know that Vaux is effective. We will have to give them as little ammunition as possible and be efficient on our side. Playing at home can rebalance the balance and allow us to sublimate ourselves. We know there will be more descents than usual. All the matches are crucial and we focus on ourselves. We approach each match by trying to bring something back ”, says Antoine Briard.

“The mind will be important”

At rest Thursday, Thomas Bernhard and the Valpériens were able to prepare well for this derby. “We will do everything to win and stay ahead of Marnaval in the standings. With a minimum of three descents or even four, it’s quite incredible ”, says Thomas Bernhard, the trainer
valperian. Even if the championship is far from over, this derby can already be a small turning point for both teams. “Marnaval, who has a lot of impact in midfield, is a team that remains competitive. The end of the match against Eclaron can trot in the head of the Marnavalais. Fatigue can be a key to the game as long as the score is not played at half-time. In such an important meeting, the mind can make the difference ”.

Like Marnaval, Vaux-sur-Blaise will be cut off from several elements and not the least, namely Geoffrey Jeanson and Maxime Piedtrement, both suspended.
“I don’t know what squad I will be able to present. November is always a complicated month. As a coach, it’s my darkest time. With the absence of Alexis Royer (pubalgia) and the two suspended, I will have to take risks in defense. Since the start of the season, we have been very irregular offensively. We don’t have enough offensive weapons. I hope that Sunday will be the awakening of our attackers ”, confides Thomas Bernhard.

And for this derby, the Valperian striker Boris Vogel could make his comeback in the group of R1. For the two Haut-Marne clubs, the victory would do a lot of good.
Romain Randoing

Posted on 11-14-2021 at 6:00 AM

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1636943355 911 An expensive derby between Marnaval and Vaux sur Blaise
1636943355 134 An expensive derby between Marnaval and Vaux sur Blaise
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An expensive derby between Marnaval and Vaux-sur-Blaise