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This Wednesday, October 12, Amy Adams was photographed in the streets of Los Angeles on the set of her new film, titled Nightbitch. Unrecognizable, the actress, who has completely changed her physical appearance, impressed Internet users. They are already imagining the best for her.

It’s well known, many actors never hesitate to push the limits to immerse themselves in their roles, some more than others. This is particularly the case of Christian Bale, the king of metamorphosis, renowned for never backing down from a drastic transformation for the purposes of his films. In 2000, the actor, who had recently a shocking revelation about Leonardo DiCapriohad made a radical change by losing a lot of weight for the filming of the film American Psycho. “His physical preparation was beyond my expectations. I expected him to play sports because his character did, but he made a total physical transformation. He only ate grilled chicken“, had confided the director Mary Harron, in an interview granted to The Playlist.

Last June, it was Bradley Cooper who appeared unrecognizable, in the middle of filming from the movie Maestrofor which he slipped in the skin of the famous composer Leonard Bernstein. This Wednesday, October 12, Amy Adams has also proven that physical transformations do not scare her.

Amy Adams, on her way to the Oscars?

The actress, who is currently filming the film Nightbitch, inspired by the novel of the same name, plays the main role, that of a woman convinced that she is becoming a dog. In the streets of Los Angeles, Amy Adams appeared transformed, she who seems to have immersed herself body and soul in this new project.

For Internet users, there is no doubt, this role will allow Amy Adams to win an Oscar for the first time in her career, she who has already been named six times without ever leaving with the famous golden statuette. “I’m so ready for this movie. I trust Amy Adams“, “Amy Adams is going to win an Oscar for pretending to believe she was turning into a dog, and that’s what I call being talented “, “Amy Adams is not kiddingshe wants that Oscar“, could we read in the comments. Impressive!

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Amy Adams unrecognizable for her new film: the astonishing prediction of internet users – X Gossip