Amy Adams talked about what will happen in Enchanted 2, the film that will premiere on Disney +


The actress who plays Giselle recounted her experience back on set with choreography and new songs. Learn everything that is known so far from the sequel with Patrick Dempsey as the protagonist.

© GettyAmy Adams referred to her work in Enchanted 2

Throughout his career, Amy Adams He has starred in dozens of films and has played very different characters. But his interpretation of Giselle on Nice to meet you It was completely iconic and has marked an entire generation who enjoyed his catchy songs. The film was even nominated for two Golden Globe already three Oscar awards. But the story is not over and there is still much to tell in his sequel.

The film, produced by Walt Disney Pictures, had its premiere in 2007. After 14 years, the leading actress was invited to the program of Jimmy Fallon and he referred to everything that will happen in the film that will come soon to Disney+. “There are many more songs and choreographies than in the first movie. It was hard, because the last time I needed to dance that way was in my 20s and now I’m over 40. It’s different, although in my heart I think I’m 20 when I dance “, he assured.

In this way, he excited fans who are already waiting to see a little more about the film that is being prepared. Under the direction of Adam Shankman, filming took place in Ireland, after the long-awaited feature film was confirmed in December last year. And just as time passed for the actress, so did Giselle: after 15 years, she is already in the real world with Robert And your daughter Morgan, now a teenager. However, she has moved to Monroeville and will have to adjust to another home again.

Good news for fans of the original movie! Not only will they see Amy Adams again, but they will Patrick Dempsey will star in the story. They also confirmed their participation Idina Menzel What Nancy and James Marsden As the prince edward, a couple who choose to stay in the fantasy world to get married and be happily ever after. In addition, he will join the cast Maya Rudolph, the new villain of which the details are still unknown.

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For its part, Gabriella Baldacchino She will be responsible for portraying Morgan, Robert’s daughter, and she has already been very excited to join the team. The songs will again be in charge of Alan Menken y Stephen Schwartz that convinced Dempsey to sing for the first time in front of cameras. All of this would be available on Disney + starting in 2022, still without a confirmed release date.

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