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This Friday, DisillusionedDisney’s long-awaited sequel Delighted, is coming to Disney+. As viewers await the return of Giselle, her friends and family, Disney has shared clips from the film to keep the excitement going. New music video delivers music to the ears (literally) and features Amy Adams like Giselle and Gabriella Baldacchino like Morgana.

The clip appears to be an early part of the film as the movers are working in the background. Morgan feels depressed by the family’s move and struggles to accept her new surroundings. Giselle empathizes with her and shares that she was in a similar situation once too. But, ever the vessel of optimism, Giselle knows just what it takes to lift Morgan’s spirits. Unfortunately for Morgan, she also knows what will happen next. Giselle then breaks into an upbeat song, and despite initial annoyance, Morgan soon lets herself be carried away by the music. Since it’s not the full song, there’s still plenty of time to see if Giselle drags others in with her.

Like its predecessor, Disillusioned will be a musical, with an Oscar-nominated duo Alain Menken and Stephane Schwartz back to do the music and lyrics, respectively. In previous trailers, the musical aspect was teased but not quite fleshed out. This latest clip marks the first music-specific teaser for the film. It brings the happy and playful tone that viewers will recognize Delighted this continues to ensure that the sequel won’t stray too far from its roots.

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Disillusioned takes place 15 years after the events of Delighted. Giselle has earned her happy ending (or so she thought) and is now married to Robert (Patrick Dempsey). With Morgan, a teenager, the family welcomed a new baby. However, Giselle has grown dissatisfied with her city life and chooses to move the family in search of a fresh start. So they move to a suburban town called Monroeville where a resident named Malvina Monroe (Maya Rudolph) makes the adjustment difficult for Giselle. Desperate to regain magic, Giselle asks Andalasia for help. But when her plan fails, the city, Andalasia, and Giselle’s happiness hang in the balance.

Brigitte Hales wrote the screenplay based on a story by J. David Stem, Richard La Graveneseand David N. Weiss. It was directed and produced by Adam Shankman. Sunil Perkash and Jo Burn executive produced, with Adams, Barry Josephsonand Barry Sonnenfeld acting as producers. Additional cast includes Maya Rudolph, Jayma Mays, James Marsden, Idina Menzel, Griffin Newman, Yvette Nicole Brown, Oscar Nunez, Anne Harada, Michael McCorry Rose, Kolton Stewartand James Monroe Iglehart.

Disillusioned premieres this Friday, November 18 exclusively on Disney+. Watch the new clip below:

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Amy Adams Fixes Problems With Song In New Images – Nifey