Amber Heard: this reassuring news that could save her after her trial against Johnny Depp

After losing her lawsuit against Johnny Depp, Amber Heard was in great danger of being dismissed from the second part of Aquaman. But a clearing finally seems to point in the black sky of the actress.

Finally some good news for Amber Heard? After having suffered a real setback at the end of the river trial which opposed her to her ex-husbandJohnny Depp, the actress was also in the hot seat on a professional level and that should not help her business. Sentenced to pay Johnny Depp the sum of 10 million dollars by the court of Fairfax for defamation, without her role in Aquaman, she would have been truly unable to pay her debt.

A glimmer of hope for Amber Heard

It was on social networks that the information circulated, via a tweet from Undercover Audience, taken up by our colleagues from ITM: not only Amber Heard does not seem to disappear from the new installment of Aquamanin which she plays Mera, but in addition, her appearance time seems to have doubled: “on the screen test carried out on June 8, Amber Heard always appears from beginning to end. Warner Bros. is likely testing reactions now that the public knows the lawsuit is over. (His) screen time is about twenty to twenty-five minutes.” In fact, in the audience, voices were raised for the withdrawal of Amber Heard from the second part of the film, via a petition which has so far collected more than 4.6 million signatures. The defamation lawsuit which was held from May 11 to June 1, 2022 was very well attended in the United States and around the world and could indeed play in the maintenance as in the time of appearance on the screen of the actress. .

The Warner Bros. Company has not yet made any comment denying or confirming Undercover Audience’s tweet, but if her role is maintained, this could allow Amber Heard to breathe a little because she would collect a stamp of an amount of 2 Million dollars. Especially since good news never comes alone, Johnny Depp has put forward the idea of ​​giving up the 10 million dollars to which the actress was sentenced, in exchange for which she would give up appealing. Nothing official yet, but if confirmed, it looks like Amber Heard could rise to the surface soon.

Amber Heard: this reassuring news that could save her after her trial against Johnny Depp