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Kudos to Finn! Amanda Seyfried celebrates after his beloved dog completes his final round of chemotherapy.

“So it’s a big day for us because… Congratulations Finny, it’s your last chemo,” said the mean girls actress, 36, explained via Instagram Story on Wednesday, July 6, sharing a car selfie with her pup. “No more chemo!” This is her sixth and final chemo. [round today.]”

She added: “The doctor found a small tumor in her anal sac because he did a rectal exam [and] then they took it out in surgery and we did chemo. We were lucky to be able to afford it. »

Amanda Seyfried and Finn

Courtesy of Amanda Seyfried/Instagram

Seyfried, whose pup is a constant feature on his social media profile, reported that Finn has had “no ill effects” and that he “doesn’t seem to be bothered” by his treatment as he receives “a lot” sweets.

“All of this to say that rectal exams are really important because it’s not a super, super common cancer but it’s not super, super rare and the sooner you find it the easier it is to get away with it. rid,” said the man star – who shares daughter Nina, 5, and son, 21 months, with her husband Thomas Sadosky – explained on Wednesday. “Some vets do and some vets don’t do rectal exams, [so] ask your veterinarian to perform a digital rectal examination at each examination [if they can].”

She concluded her post on social media: “It’s true, do it, it’s really important. … Congratulations, Finny!

Seyfried – who married the 46-year-old life in pieces alum in March 2014 – also shared a sweet photo with Finn after chemo as they both wore party hats. “He did it – it’s done,” she captioned her Story post.

The Pennsylvania native’s canine companion has long been a special part of his life.

“In fact, I met [Finn] on the set of Great lovehe was like that big and he looked like a bear,” she recalled during a June 2016 appearance on the Today To display. “There were two puppies available from this guy who was a daytime player on the show, and so we brought them home and I was like, ‘I’m going to find him a home, it’s going to be awesome. ‘ I took him home…and then I fell in love with him 24 hours later.

She added at the time: “Now I’m just obsessed and so in love with him [and] I hate being away from him. He’s the best thing in the world, I mean he changed my life and I can’t remember my life before him.

In addition to Finn, Seyfried and Sadoski expanded their brood with all manner of animals, including horses, goats, dogs, and turtles.

“I get up, I feed the animals”, Dear John the actress recalled her daily routine during an August 2020 appearance on John Molnerit is Molner table series. “I recently really trained Tommy, my husband, to be able to feed [them.] He knows everything now. He knows how to do everything. »

Seyfried continued: “I live on a farm. It’s what I’ve always wanted! Now with this [coronavirus] pandemic in particular, we were able to just stay. We don’t even get on the train and leave [into] the city. … And you know what? Our family is still together. I really think my marriage is even stronger.

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Amanda Seyfried Celebrates Her Dog Finn’s Final Chemo Session – CNET – ApparelGeek