Amanda Bynes, the Britney Spears with guardianship that nobody talks about

Amanda Bynes entering the courthouse in one of her arrests that ended her parents’ guardianship (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Headlines around the world have been talking about Britney Spears’ guardianship for years, but what about Amanda Bynes? Perhaps her name doesn’t even ring a bell, but she was also a Disney girl who ended up fatally and lost control of her life.

Britney Spears is finally free and her father, Jamie, no longer controls her finances or her personal life after 13 years of struggle. Seeing Brit’s triumph in court, Amanda Bynes has not hesitated to file a formal petition to get her released.

Amanda Bynes is now 35 years old and, through her lawyers, has asked the California court to put an end to the guardianship imposed by the judge in 2013. Almost a decade has passed and the artist considers that she is fit to own the management of your money.

The good thing about Amanda’s case is that in her favor she has those who control her financial guardianship, her parents. Unlike Britney, whose father was her worst impediment to being able to take control of her life, Amanda’s parents believe that it is time for her to have that control so, if the judge allows it, so be it.

The hearing as a result of her request takes place on March 22 and the young woman’s lawyer assured ‘People’ that: “Amanda is looking forward to ending the conservatorship because she knows that her condition has improved and the protection of the court is no longer necessary for her”.

Another thing that Bynes has in her favor is that the guardianship has been exclusively economic all these years, therefore she has had much more freedom of decision than Spears in terms of personal matters (relationships, comings and goings, friendships, etc.)

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 24: Actress Amanda Bynes departs Manhattan Central Booking after being arrested on May 23 2013 for alleged charges of reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence and criminal possession of marijuana at Manhattan Criminal Court on May 24, 2013 in New York City .  (Photo by Alo Ceballos/Getty Images)

Amanda Bynes arrested for marijuana possession (Photo by Alo Ceballos/Getty Images)

In order to judicially ensure that this guardianship vanishes, Amanda’s team of lawyers has presented a detailed health and well-being report because they do not want said guardianship to reach its renewal, scheduled for January 2023.

Amanda started very young in the world of fame and is another clear case of a Disney star girl who ends up in the worst way. Bynes started in “All That and More”, the Nickelodeon series that was on the air from 1996 to 2002.

When he became a teenager, he starred in other series and some romantic comedies, but his habit of smoking marijuana began to make a dent in the filming since he constantly forgot the scripts and that caused him work problems.

From 2010 onwards, as happened to Britney years before, Amanda Bynes only makes headlines for her outbursts using drugs, alcohol, her car accident and even for being accused of causing a fire.

His social networks also showed his serious substance abuse problems and some of his unfortunately iconic tweets include things like asking Drake to “murder her vagina” or saying that Chris Brown beat up Rihanna for being ugly. That, added to his insults to Courtney Love or Chrissy Teigen, made her image very dirty.

She herself claimed to have an eating disorder, be bipolar and manic depressive. In the end they managed to get her into a rehab clinic and that’s when her parents received guardianship of her.

Now Amanda claims to have been sober for years and continues to share her visa with Paul Michael whom she met at her AA meetings. They were promised in 2020 but, due to the pandemic, they have not yet passed through the altar.

Bynes lives away from social networks and does not regularly publish something that also protects her mental health. The only thing missing for the young woman who seems to have overcome her demons to return to normality is to get the guardianship that still conditions her suspended.

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Amanda Bynes, the Britney Spears with guardianship that nobody talks about