All the Old Knives: Prime Video’s new spy thriller stands out for the chemistry between Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton

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Amazon Prime Video has premiered All the Old Knives, a new original production that, in addition to Pine and Newton, features performances from Laurence Fishburne and Jonathan Pryce.

Rocio Sirimarco

Thandie Newton and Chris Pine, stars of All the Old Knives©IMDBThandie Newton and Chris Pine, stars of All the Old KnivesRocio Sirimarco

Amazon Prime Video just added All the old knives to your catalog. It is a production based on the famous spy thriller genre, although with a different twist. It is that the film directed by Janus Metz Pedersen is based on a story with intrigues and secrets, but which really has as its central axis the passionate bond between the characters of Chris Pine Yes Thandiwe Newton.

The film is based on the homonymous novel by the American writer Olen Steinhauer, who was also in charge of the film’s script and focuses on revealing exactly what happened with a terrorist attack on a plane in 2012. After the CIA discovered that one of its own agents leaked information to carry out this attack, which left more than 100 victims, Henry, one of the spies who took part in the investigation, is recruited after eight years of facts to find the culprit. This is where he meets his former girlfriend and lover Celia Harrison and together they try to piece together the pieces of the puzzle without forgetting the intense romance they had in the past.

All the old knives It has all the classic elements of a spy thriller in which the main objective is to discover this infiltrator who betrays his own team to, in this case, sell information to a group of Islamic fundamentalists involved in the attack terrorist.

But the film adds an elemental seasoning for the development of the whole plot and one that perhaps attracts the viewer the most. This is the relationship that Celia and Henry had at that time in a clandestine way. Their reunion is vital because it is not just an interrogation, as they intend to do at the start, or a simple dinner with old friends, on the contrary, they cannot help but remember the passion with which they have lived their love, a love that, by the way, it ended abruptly and in a confused way after this episode.

This is why, in this sense, beyond the typical enclaves of suspense, the alchemy between Thandiwe Newton Yes Chris Pine, its protagonists, turns out to be a centerpiece of this story. The connection between the two actors is noticeable for miles. In fact, they were able to represent each of the feelings that torment these characters very well. The truth is that the past keeps coming back into their lives, as their bond never really closed. Thus, after eight years, this reunion stirs up old wounds and reveals secrets that seemed well kept.

Newton has extensive experience in dramatic and committed roles, one of the most recent being that of Maeva in the series Westworld. Meanwhile, Pine gives himself the opportunity in this film – in which he also serves as an executive producer – to take on a more mature role with intricate contours compared to his previous film appearances. However, something to object to the casting is the little evolution of the characters of Jonathan Price and especially that of Laurence Fishburnewho for the few lines he has to interpret might not be there.

Even so, the film continues to be recommended for other reasons, such as the magnificent cinematography of Charlotte Bruus Christensen and original music by Jon Ekstrand Yes Rebekka Karijord, which has precise tunes and chords through to the climax of the story. In summary, All the old knives manages to maintain a dynamic pace in the 103 minutes of running time with some enigmatic scenes that definitely lead to an unexpected final twist.

All the old knives is now available in the catalog Amazon Prime Video from Latin America and Spain.

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All the Old Knives: Prime Video’s new spy thriller stands out for the chemistry between Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton