Alicia Silverstone models the outfits Cher Horowitz would wear today

Roll you It is one of those fashion firms that always manages to delight us with its exquisite pieces, which later become part of lookbooks worthy of appreciation. These always conquer the fashionistas the world thanks to the detail of the outfits presented, but also for the cast that the sisters and creative directors, Kate Y Laura mulleavy choose to model their garments.

Without a doubt, one of the celebrities that Rodarte chose and who had a great impact on the fashion industry was Yalitza Aparicio. The Mexican actress caused a sensation by starring in the campaign for the spring-summer 2020 collection, looking fabulous with two sophisticated dresses. Today, the North American firm is making news again thanks to the celebrity they chose for their most recent alliance.

Is about Alicia silverstone, the actress who gave life to the beloved and remembered Cher Horowitz from the film ‘Clueless’. The protagonist of this iconic film appears on a beach with model Heather Kemesky and Brother Vellies designer Aurora James, all wearing total looks signed by Rodarte.

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In the fall 2021 collection lookbook, Alicia silverstone She is wearing a bubblegum pink mini dress (a very trendy shade for this year) with long sleeves, black details and XL pearl buttons. “It was a beautiful day at the beach, and the clothes and the surroundings made me feel like something special was happening. It was a very creative and inspiring art day ”, commented the actress regarding the photoshoot. Later, he added that his alter-ego, Cher horowitz “I would love the pink dress.”

Likewise, sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy made sure that Alicia silverstone feel comfortable in the shoot, choosing garments free of leather and other materials that come from animals. And, as the actress revealed, when she buys her priority is always vegan pieces.

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The second outfit of Alicia silverstone It also featured a very popular color in the industry that we are seeing in many places: neon green. The actress wore this shade in her mini top with the same details as the dress, which she combined with an asymmetrical black and a set of jewels. These are just some of the stunning looks that the celeb dressed, to see the lookbooks complete do not hesitate to visit the profile of Roll you On Instagram.