Alicia Silverstone denounces how they made fun of her body in the promotion of Batman and Robin

The actress who played Batgirl in Batman and Robin recalls the teasing she received for her body during the promotion of the film.

Almost 25 years have passed since Batman and Robin hit theaters. The film directed by Joel Schumacher It is not among the favorite iterations of Batman, but it is still a recurring topic of conversation.

However, despite the criticism, with greater or lesser reason, that Batman and Robin received, one of the most controversial situations was the ridicule he received Alicia Silverstone by your body.

Silverstone played Barbara Wilson / Batgirl in the film. The actress came from succeeding in Out of wave (Clueless) and, at the age of 19 or 20, was preparing to play the justice of Gotham.

Despite the fact that Alicia Silverstone has been able to deal with all these years with the criticism of the film, whether she agreed or not, the teasing of her body was another matter.

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Through TikTok, and reacting to a user post, Silverstone recalled the post where she was compared to Babe the brave pig, another film that was successful at that time.

However, the taunts alluded to his weight, and more specifically to “his butt”, despite the fact that Joel Schumacher stressed that Silverstone had lost more than five kilos for the role.

It is not the first time that Alicia Silverstone recalls that time for these reasons, although she also harbors memories of Batman and Robin fondly, so much that she is willing to return to the role if the occasion arises.

The way in which the issues are approached have changed a lot since Batman and Robin were promoted, although criticism of the physique of Hollywood stars continues to surface from time to time.

Michael Keaton will return as your iteration of Batman in The Flash, the movie starring Ezra Miller. While the memory of fans of Silverstone’s Batgirl is not the same as that of Keaton’s Batman, the door to a possible return of the character is not completely closed.

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Alicia Silverstone denounces how they made fun of her body in the promotion of Batman and Robin