After Robert Downey Jr .: these actors could become Marvel’s next Iron Man

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a very long list of plans for the future. More and more films and series will join the saga that began in 2008 with Iron Man. And is that although new stories and renewed characters are incorporated, the truth is that none will have the impact of the superhero played by Robert Downey Jr., which paved the way for the franchise of Kevin Feige reach exorbitant levels.

Spoiler alert! In the latest film by Avengers, titled as End of Game and created in 2019 -After a long battle- Iron Man died and caused great pain to his companions and spectators. Many of them speculated that the character would return as another Hollywood actor and even placed their bets. However, it is very likely a role already seen in the MCU that occupies this place.

+ MCU actors who can become Iron Man

3. Dominique Thorne

We haven’t seen it on screen yet, but it will appear soon: Dominica thorn will debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Riri Williams, better known as Stone heart. You will have your participation in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever then his own series on Disney+. He is a teenager with a passion for engineering who manages to enter the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where Tony Stark and James Rhodes have met. At 15, he manages to design his own version of the Iron Man costume, adopting the iconic alias of Ironheart.

2. You Simpkins

Although he did not have an impactful role in the saga, he was fundamental in one of the Iron Man films. You Simpkins He played a boy who Robert Downey Jr.’s character saves using his iconic helmet. From that moment, he becomes his adventure companion. It was called More passionate harley and Avengers: Endgame reappeared, just in the funeral scene of the superhero.

1.Tom Hollande

The race of Tom Holland He has no ceiling: the characters he plays become more and more ambitious. However, it is impossible to forget those early scenes in which Tony Stark and Pierre Parker They were starting their very special relationship. Today it’s Spider Man and the protagonist of the most anticipated film of 2021. There is no doubt that he is the ideal candidate to fill the role that Iron Man has had since the beginning of the MCU.

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After Robert Downey Jr .: these actors could become Marvel’s next Iron Man