After criticism, Lily Collins comes to the defense of the character she plays in ‘Emily in Paris’

Recently, Lily Collins defended tooth and nail the character she plays in the Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’, and it is that on several occasions it has been harshly criticized for the poor development it had in the series, even the nomination it had at the awards was questioned Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

As we know, ‘Emily in Paris‘has become one of the most loved and watched series in the Netflix catalog in 2020, in fact has been viewed by more than 58 million accounts worldwide.

And it is precisely because of the above that last year it was decided that the series would be renewed for a second season, which It will premiere via streaming on December 22.

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Despite the fact that the dramatic comedy series produced by Darren Star Productions made a place in the Netflix catalog last year, the truth is that Collins has received constant criticism and not so favorable messages by French experts, who consider that the series has disrespected the Gallic country for not knowing how to represent in a good way the French culture and all the traditional customs of France.

Regarding the above, it is not long since Lily offered an interview to Nylon magazine and there she gave details about the second season of ‘Emily in Paris’, and at the same time she came out in defense of all the criticism she has received so much her as the producer of the series about the history shown in general.

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“Many of Emily’s qualities, on paper, are very annoying… But it is very sad to think that people would react to someone so optimistic, full of life and cheerful saying: It is too much. They are very good qualities and the fact that she knows how to combine them with being vulnerable, and asking for help when she makes mistakes, shows that she is not infallible “, said.

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After criticism, Lily Collins comes to the defense of the character she plays in ‘Emily in Paris’