Adam Driver: the confirmation of an unlikely hunk thanks to an unusual sex scene

Yesterday it was released in Spanish cinemas Annette, the Leos Carax musical that has already elicited extreme reactions at Cannes. The film is very strange – there are not many operas in cinema about toxic masculinity and the problems derived from having a daughter who is a puppet – but there is a scene that has already become a cult since its first screening on the Croisette , when critics started tweeting about it: One in which Adam Driver interrupts the practice of a cunnilingus to Marion Cotillard to continue singing the main theme of the film, We Love Each Other So Muchby the Sparks. When he finishes singing, he summarizes the task.

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Apparently, the filming of the scene had certain technical difficulties. In musicals, actors often record songs in a studio and make playback at set, but in this case Carax wanted everyone to sing live and the effect of the movements to be noticed in the voices. “We find ourselves singing in very complicated positions, leaning back or simulating oral sex,” Cotillard explained at the festival press conference.

In addition to joining contemporary sex scenes that acquire the dimension of meme –The peach of Call me by your name, Sally Hawkins getting intimate with a sea monster in The shape of water-, the sequence will serve to consolidate Driver’s status as a rare heartthrob, an unpredictable actor capable of doing things that others would not come out unscathed, such as singing Sondheim in the middle of a bar in Story of a marriage or recite poetry in bed in Patterson.

Driver also made headlines this summer for starring in a rather steamy Burberry ad in which he plays the centaur. It seems obvious that this advertising script would not have worked if the protagonist were Timothée Chalamet, Chris Hemsworth or any other actor who takes the big roles in Hollywood, but this ex-marine who has managed to keep his private life by the gossip margin.

In fact, nobody knows the name of his son, of which some photos were leaked during the highly publicized filming of House of Gucci. The boy was born in 2016, the result of his marriage to actress Joanne Tucker, but Driver did not confirm his existence until two years later. The couple is seen on a few red carpets counted, but maintains a low media profile. They met in Julliard, the famous New York theater school that only accepts 0.5% of candidates who apply, they got married in 2013 and have appeared together in a movie, such as The Report (2019).

The actor is the son and stepson of Baptist pastors and used to sing in the church choir as a child, with his mother on the piano. At 17, he “let himself be carried away by the fervor” post 9/11, as he explained in an interview in Radio Times, and he enlisted in the Marines, where he remained for three years, when he received medical leave for an accident he suffered while riding a mountain bike and in which he broke his nose. That is why he owes that profile that serves him to star in millionaire advertising campaigns. He often says that being an actor is quite easy compared to being in the military, with which he has a certain relationship. He founded an NGO with his wife dedicated to bringing plays to military bases.

Adam Driver the confirmation of an unlikely hunk thanks to

Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, in a scene from ‘Marriage Story’. On video, the trailer for the film.

Just before enlisting, he had made an attempt to go to Hollywood to try his luck as an actor. He said goodbye to his then-girlfriend in Mishawaka, Indiana, drove off in an old car and came back in two weeks, having spent all his savings on fixing the car and paying a real estate agent who scammed him in Los Angeles. “I felt like a fucking loser,” he explained to The New Yorker. His second attempt at succeeding as an actor was much better. Lena Dunham gave him the role that would change everything, that of her desperate boyfriend with paraphilias in Girls, which was gaining weight as the series progressed. That’s where Spielberg saw him, who included him with a small role in Lincoln and since then his has been meteoric. On the one hand, he cashes Disney’s checks for playing Kylo Ren in Star Wars, and on the other, he collects great directors. He has worked with Scorsese, Spike Lee, the Coen brothers, Jim Jarmusch, Noah Baumbach, Terry Gilliam, and Steven Soderbergh. They all find something new to extract from his meter ninety height and his “caveman” aspect, as he said about him in Girls Jessa’s character.