Actor John Goodman loses 200 pounds

Actor John Goodman became popular in the 1980s and 1990s for his comedic views on the hit series Roseanne but also because of its plump appearance, unusual on the small screen. However, last week he surprised with the new and unrecognizable physical appearance that he wore in the presentation of the animated series The Freaks Brothers , where he has voiced one of the main characters. And it is that the 69-year-old veteran actor has lost the considerable figure of 90 kilos. The actor, who measures 1.88 m, reached over 180 kilos 15 years ago.

Goodman decided in 2007 to take a radical turn in his life and for this he proposed to change his diet and habits, completely stop alcohol and hire a personal trainer. “Wanting is power. It is not an easy road. I took things easy. I just wanted to change my lifestyle. Controlling my weight with smaller food portions and an exercise plan has helped me do this. If I have been able, you can too ”, he told the magazine AARP The Magazine .

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He is also the protagonist of films such as The Flintstones , The big lebowski The Barton Fink admitted in 2016 to ABC that he got sick every time he looked in the mirror. “I spent the day eating. In the old days, I would change my habits for three months, lose 30 kilos, and then just go back to my old ways, to the old ways. I just had to wait several more months to go back to the beginning. This is how it used to be. “

The actor has explained that the key to success has basically been to control the portions and think a little before eating. “I always thought I was hungry and have learned to say, ‘I don’t need it.’ I don’t want to be an example to anyone because I love to take ice cream and eat it by the spoonful with icing sugar and if I gain weight again they will be disappointed ”.

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Goodman surprised with this aspect in the presentation of his latest work.

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Nutritionist and fitness guru Mackie Shilstone, who has helped John Goodman lose weight, revealed some details in The New York Post on the diet followed by the actor, which was accompanied by physical exercise six days a week: “They switched to the Mediterranean diet consisting mainly of fish, nuts, olive oil, vegetables and fruit.”

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Actor John Goodman loses 200 pounds