Aaron Paul’s complaint on the Breaking Bad set at the time of recording with Bryan Cranston

Breaking Bad culminated almost a decade ago on AMC and considered by many to be the best crime drama of all time, no one would have imagined that Walter White’s pants that appeared in the first episode sent a message to what would be Aaron’s relationship Paul with Bryan Cranston behind the scenes.

breaking badthe broadcast network’s hit crime drama AMC which premiered in 2008 and remained on the air for 5 seasons until its conclusion in 2013, throughout its career it received acclaim from specialized critics and the immense support of millions of fans around the world. To the point of being considered one of the best series of its kind of all time in the entire history of television.

Created by Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad followed the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The character played by bryan cranstonUsing his extensive knowledge on the subject, he immersed himself in the criminal world and became a powerful and ambitious capo to accumulate large sums of money and be able to afford treatment.

The series owes its enormous success not only to the narrative and the quality of its characters’ interpretation, but also to its impeccable stories loaded with subtle details that were revealed as the drama progressed on the screen. Many will remember how the Breaking Bad pilot episode began, that first time fans saw Bryan Cranston as Walter White, wearing white boxer shorts in the middle of the desert, while his khakis fluttered to the ground.

Walter White’s signature white briefs, first shown in all their glory during those first few minutes at the start of Breaking Bad, represent the pathetic despair of Bryan Cranston’s character at that point in his life. It is likely that many fans have thought that his appearance in that scene was solely due to the fact that he was part of the story. However, his co-star Aaron Paulwho played his partner Jesse Pinkman, confirmed that was not the reason.

The real reason we see Walter White take off his pants in the first chapter

Aaron Paul revealed the detail about Bryan Cranston’s pants while filming some Breaking Bad scenes

Aaron Paul Revealed Bryan Cranston Doesn’t Like To Wear Pants While Filming. It was through a question and answer session, when the actor confirmed this particularity of the star who gave life to the mega-producer of illicit substances Walter White, while he was filming the scenes of Breaking Bad. Apparently a way to feel comfortable on the film set.

According to Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston doesn’t wear pants, not even in the scenes where his character is supposedly in. In any framed shot from the waist up, the actor is free of this type of attire. As the star recounted, “what you don’t know is that any close-up of Bryan in Breaking Bad where you don’t see the lower half of his body, his pants were always off.”

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Aaron Paul’s complaint on the Breaking Bad set at the time of recording with Bryan Cranston