Aaron Paul reveals new details of the fourth season of ‘Westworld’

With the huge serial behemoths that have been released in recent years or are on the way, one of the most ambitious series of the 2010s has been almost forgotten. However, HBO has shot the fourth season of Westworld, also delayed by the pandemic and the increasingly busy schedule of its creators, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. If all goes well, the sci-fi series based on Michael Crichton’s film of the same name will return later this year. In The Hollywood Reporter news, Aaron Paul took the opportunity to remember that you can count on Westworld to establish itself as one of the most popular series of the year:

“OMG [refiriéndose a la cuarta temporada]. And I’m not beating around the bush. I’m looking forward to fans seeing this new season and its new themes. Jonathan and Lisa always go above and beyond, they always think big with each new season and this one is no exception. Seriously, they gave me a hard time, they challenged me. But it has been done in the most beautiful way possible, I love it and I think it is very good.

Westworld It has never been a very easy series to follow, it is even very complex and even qualified as elitist by some critics. Apparently, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy don’t mind the negative reviews and will continue to steer their course as they see fit, that is, through such cryptic concepts as Dr. Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) Labyrinth or Serac’s Rehoboam. (Vincent Cassell).

As a reminder, Aaron Paul plays Caleb Nichols in the series, a human (or not?) who joins Dolores and her quest to give androids their free will back. In season four, obviously, we’re expecting a climax between Caleb and Dolores’s evil clone, who has taken on the guise of Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) and simply wants to wage war on humanity.

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Aaron Paul reveals new details of the fourth season of ‘Westworld’