A trench coat is always the key to looking stylish. Atte: Lily Collins

Nine months after visiting Denmark for their honeymoon, Lily Collins and her husband, Charlie McDowell, They decided to return to the European country. Open fields and calm seas whose blues contrast with the green vegetation have been the scenarios where the couple has posed for photographs that they later shared with the world through their social networks.

how to look well dressed during a cold weather vacation? American actress, Lily Collins, has the answer to this question. In the snapshots he repeated a camel coat with which he managed to print sophistication to his style immediately. It is one of the elementary garments in the elegant women wardrobesone that we know for sure will never go out of style.

How to wear a trench coat in an elegant key in the style of Lily Collins?

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It could almost be indistinct what we wore underneath in the presence of a camel coat (in addition to a good trench coat will last you a lifetime), but Lily Collins pays attention to all the details and combined it with a few pink flared pants, appealing to the trendy pants silhouette for 2022, even for the summer, as they can be the most comfortable to wear even in hot weather depending on the fabric.

To the equation add a brown scarf and let her loose hair express itself in its natural texture. She highlighted her midi haircut with the bangs on curtain that has characterized her style, perfect for those seeking to renew their look without major modifications. With the minimal makeuphighlighted her lips with a light pink lipstick, emphasizing here on her thick eyebrows.

Camel coat with sandals from The Row.

The Row/Gorunway.

Beige trench coat with Amiri baggy jeans.


Max Mara paired the coat with jeans and black boots.

Max Mara/Gorunway.

If we are looking for inspiration to wear a camel coat in the recent collections, there is the casual bet of Amiri for Fall-Winter 2022, where the model wears baggy jeans underneath. A look similar to that of Max Mara that resorts to denim and a pair of black boots, playing with the textures of the combination in a palette of browns, betting on satin touches that highlight the coat. TheRow shows us that flat sandals can also be part of the game, when we want outfits suitable for going to the office with hints of carefreeness.

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A trench coat is always the key to looking stylish. Atte: Lily Collins