A door opens for more episodes of ‘Moon Knight’ (but Oscar Isaac is happy no matter what)

The future of the Marvel series for Disney + is receiving a great deal of attention as it faces its final stretch.

moon knightthe sixth series of Marvel Studios for Disney+faces its final stretch with a great uncertainty about his future. On the one hand, it seems that the initial intention of both the team and the producer is that the fiction starring Oscar Isaac be a limited fiction of a single season, but, on the other, the fans know that andn the Marvel Cinematic Universe surprises are always guaranteed and keep hope in possible continuity of this genuine title with which Marvel has entered uncharted territory on screen.

For his part, Oscar Isaac, who does not confirm or deny future plans for his character either in the Disney+ series or as part of other UCM titles, is not worried at all and is limited to being delighted with the opportunity. that has been given to him with his dual character Marc Spector/Steven Grant.

Yes moon knight Whether or not it will have season 2 once and for all, we may find out very soon, since tomorrow, Wednesday, May 4, Disney + will make available to subscribers the last episode of the so far only (confirmed) installment. and not because Loki announced its unexpected renewal through a post-credits scene, but by a striking change in the Studios Twitter account when referring to the episode that premieres this week on the streaming platform.

And it is that, after a first tweet referring to the episode as “series finale” and sharing a brief preview of the episode and reminder of its broadcast this Wednesday, the account posted a second changing “series finale” to “season finale.” A change that, according to the website comic bookhas not gone unnoticed by some users of the social network, who have quickly become excited about what this change may mean for the future of moon knight and that, At the very least, it leaves a door open for there to be season 2.

Whether or not changing the way he refers to the final episode implies that there will be a second installment remains to be seen, but the reality is that Oscar Isaac has limited himself time and time again to being satisfied with what is moon knight today every time they ask him about the future of the series and the character as part of the MCU.

We all agreed that what we are going to focus on is this series. This is the story,” the interpreter assured ‘Variety’ about the future of the character. “And if there is any kind of future, I think it just depends on whether people like it, whether people want to see more and whether we found a story worth telling

And in the same terms it has been pronounced for New York Times. Yes moon knight moving on to their own movie or superhero super team “doesn’t matter too much”: “It’s a new character that we’re giving a chance to. The nature of the story is this investigation, this slow-revealing mystery,” he says.

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Rumors about the cancellation of ‘Moon Knight’

The truth is that it is still curious that the renewal of moon knight be the subject of debate to the level of Marvel Studios modifying a social media post. After all, although Loki was renewed by surprise for a season 2 that nobody had, the reality is that the rest of the predecessor series on the streaming platform with all fictions from a single installment: Scarlet Witch and Vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier Y Hawk Eye.

The rumor about the cancellation of ‘Moon Knight’, explained (and denied)

However, the title starring Oscar Isaac is so fresh and innovative within its universe that many fans couldn’t help but feel excited at the idea of ​​being able to continue enjoying it in the future.

Thus, when it was announced that moon knight had been presented to the Academy as “a limited series” for consideration at the Emmys, cancellation rumors began that were completely unjustified, since from the beginning it had been planned as a limited fiction. In fact, the novelty is precisely the opposite, that now the doors will open for a possible season 2.

moon knight will be available in full on Disney + tomorrow, Wednesday, May 4, 2022.

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A door opens for more episodes of ‘Moon Knight’ (but Oscar Isaac is happy no matter what)