750 euros: in Bergerac dog poo costs as much as a kilo of truffles. A national record

At 750 euros the excretion, the owners will monitor with anguish the incontinence of their “dear” doggie.

Since Cyrano, Bergerac is the superlative verbal. From now on, this will also be the superlative record.

Tired of the incessant incivility of his dog lovers, the mayor Jonathan Prioleaud brings out the heavy artillery. 135 €uro for droppings left on the public highway, this is the usual regulatory price for standard droppings.

But in the event of an aggravating circumstance (we imagine the worst) or a repeat offense involving an incontinent dog equipped with a disrespectful master, we will pass this summer to a 4th category fine which can reach 750 euros. The price of half a chihuahua in a pet store or a kilo of 2nd category mushrooms at the local truffle market.

A national record that places canine excrement directly in the luxury goods category. Enough to make sure of Médor’s constipation before arriving on neutral ground and, sometimes, to equip yourself for the journey.

The city also specifies that, unlike supermarkets, it provides free plastic bags for this purpose. And since the bags are free, owners are required to have at least two in their pocket, empty or full, to produce in the event of an inspection. Otherwise, they will have to put their hands in their pockets, and it will be 38 €uros better. This is nothing new, the price of the raw material is increasing.

With 12 kg of droppings collected daily on the sidewalks of Bergerac, we can already imagine the potential cash flow. And we start dreaming when we think of the 6,000 tonnes collected annually on the sidewalks of Paris. A gold mine.

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In the meantime, the richness of the city is always and above all tourism, not to say all-tourism. And the first magistrate wants to offer an immaculate road to his visitors whom he would prefer to see window shopping rather than dirt-shoes.

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750 euros: in Bergerac dog poo costs as much as a kilo of truffles. A national record