June 8, 2021

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5 movies for a Clint Eastwood marathon

5 movies for a Clint Eastwood marathon

On May 31, 1930, Clinton Eastwood Jr. came to the world in San Francisco. After about ten years changing cities and states, little Clint’s family settled in Piedmont, California, where he began to approach the cinema. After passing through the front, where he was about to die when a plane in which he was traveling crashed, combining jobs as diverse as a lifeguard, gardener or newspaper delivery man, Clint Eastwood began working in television as a secondary school.

But his opportunity to make movies came almost by chance. He had had some minor supporting roles in several irrelevant films from the 1950s, Eastwood withdrew from the screen for a few years. It was then that an old acquaintance, Eric Fleming, turned down a role in a western that would be shot in Spain.

That western was ‘For a handful of dollars’ with an unknown Sergio Leone in the direction. From here, Clint Eastwood became a true movie star.

‘For a bunch of dollars’

To understand the success of Clint Eastwood we cannot stop watching a movie like this. It was released in Europe as an unexpected commercial success. Eastwood prepared the role to remove the stigma of a good and handsome boy, ultimately creating one of the most iconic characters in western: the man with no name from Leone’s dollar trilogy.

‘Escape from Alcatraz’

After much success in western of all kinds and action films such as the ‘Dirty Harry’ saga, Eastwood agreed to participate in Don Siegel’s ‘Escape from Alcatraz’. It became one of Eastwood’s great performances as the only man to escape The Rock.

‘The iron sergeant’

Although in 1986 when ‘The Iron Sergeant’ was released, Clint Eastwood had already directed a few films, the change that this film made for viewers was remarkable.

A tyrant sergeant used to being in battle has to use his unusual methods to train young men with little motivation for service. A melancholic film about the army and the war.

‘Without forgiveness’

Delve into the filmography Clint Eastwood is discovering that, possibly, after learning from a teacher like Leone, in his time surpassed the Italian director creating one of the most outstanding western in history.

“Without forgiveness” is a film that sublimely pays tribute to everything that made the director and actor famous. Sordid, bright, dark and thoughtful, ‘Unforgiven’ is one of those ten movies that everyone should see in their lifetime.

‘Mystic River’

As a director, Eastwood has also had a formidable career. After a very fruitful decade of the 90s with very prominent titles –‘The bridges of Madison’ or ‘Midnight in the garden of good and the sea’-, the new millennium brought us another director who managed to captivate everyone with films like ‘Million dollar baby’ or ‘Gran Torino’.

But, although it remains hidden among its jewels, ‘Mystic River’ is one of the director’s most interesting films, where he deals with friendship, redemption and where we will rarely see how thriller and drama merge in such a way.