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She has just again played the character of Laurie Strode, in Halloween Ends, cult character from this horror movie saga that sticks to his skin!

A Hollywood-born scream queen

Jamie Lee Curtis was born in Los Angeles, her parents are Tony Curtis (Some like it hot 1959) and Janet Leigh (Psychosis, 1960). With movie star parents, little Jamie saw her destiny as an actress take shape fairly quickly. She made her debut in the television series Colombo, where she was scouted by director John Carpenter. Her androgynous physique catches the eye of the director for his next genre film, Halloween: The Night of the Masks (1978), which was a phenomenon in the United States and beyond.

In this film which will bring her world fame, she plays Laurie Straude, victim of a psychopathic killer on Halloween night. This film launches the slasher fashion (when a psychopathic killer methodically kills his victims), and gives birth to a lot of films of the genre. For example the franchise Friday 13 repeats the same storyline. Jamie Lee Curtis has a string of other horror films offered to him like fog (1980), the horror ball (1980), road game (1981) as well as the sequel to his first successful film Halloween 2 (1981), still under Carpenter’s eye. All of her films gave her the reputation of a scream queen in Hollywood and locked her into a genre she wanted to get out of.

Halloween 2 (nineteen eighty one)

An unexpected comedy

Jamie Lee Curtis then begins to refuse all horror film projects to try drama. She plays in Nicky and Gino in 1988 as well as Perfect (1985) alongside John Travolta, which were not great successes. It is especially in the comedy that the actress will be a hit. She has had great commercial success with comedy. A chair for two (1983) alongside a young prodigy: Eddy Murphy. But it is with a British director that Jamie will amaze everyone. She bluffs with her humor and madness in A fish named Wanda (1988).

She embodies an attractive burglar who does not lack tact. This film remains today a cult comedy that represents English humor well: absurd, cynical and sophisticated. It is this open-mindedness, this total freedom that she takes on the set of this comedy that surprises Hollywood. She also dabbled in action films, notably under the direction of the great James Cameron in True Lies (1994), but without much success the public will remember especially his horror films and his comedies.

“The body”

Jamie Lee Curtis owes her nickname “The body” to the perfect body she wiggles in Perfect (1985) where she plays the role of an aerobics teacher and where we guess a marvelously well-sculpted body. The character of John Travolta does not hesitate for a second to follow his course: he is hilarious. Without forgetting this anthology strip tease in True Lies who will only establish his legend. Thus, Jamie Lee Curtis is a devilishly persuasive horror film actress, she also has as much wit as sex appeal to make us scream with laughter as if to excite our desire, what a woman!

The difficult life of an actress

The actress who admits to having always hated horror films, confided a few years ago to having always been addicted to opioids. This scoop was revealed in 2016 during an interview. She explains that her addiction began in 1989 and then lasted more than ten years. This consumption began following a prescription given to him for the consequences of cosmetic surgery. The pressure of acting and her rocky career haven’t always made her life easy.

When she was young, the scream queen had an absent father who was addicted to several narcotics (cocaine, heroin, alcohol), who also died of an overdose. More toothless, she always thought she had a crooked face, a weird face that made her very complex. The opportunities being rare on the big screen, she turns from 2012 to television. She plays in the detective series NCIS but also season 3 of New Girl, or the comic-horror series by Ryan Murphy. It’s a tribute to the slashers of the 1980s.

The revival of an actress who takes responsibility

Today Jamie Lee Curtis is done with his addictions for almost 20 years. This woman with an androgynous face and a divine body has ventured into all genres and has never hesitated to be ironic about her physique or her history. For example, by re-enacting the iconic scene from Psychosis (1960), in which her mother is murdered in the shower… She who thought she was done with the saga Halloween, at 64, she was convinced by director David Gordon Green to put on the costume of the famous Laurie Strode. The character that made her so famous. This independent drama, under the guise of a horror film, opposes the same characters, but highlights female solidarity and revenge. Halloween Ends will be in theaters on October 12, 2022. Now the mother of a transgender daughter whom she takes full care of, she is a cry for freedom in Hollywood who commands respect and remains an inspiration for all actresses.

Parody of the cult scene from Psycho (1960)
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5 elements to understand the career of Jamie Lee Curtis? | VL Media